Dollar Upload Believes All Dreams Are Created Equal And Is Now Supporting Kiva Loans Program will donate a proportion of their operating proceeds to the Kiva Loans program to help people around the world get their businesses off the ground.

The entrepreneurial spirit is found everywhere in the world, but it is undoubtedly in those places with ready access to economic resources where it thrives. That said, those places without investment are those who need entrepreneurs and their businesses the most. Kiva Loans were created to provide a solution to this problem and give affordable business loans to people from deprived countries. Dollar Upload is an innovative website that helps content creators make money without charging their audience, who fill out a survey to download files. They have just signed up to support the Kiva Loans program without anyone losing out in the process.

Dollar Upload works by allowing people to get paid to upload files for others to download. Downloaders fill out a survey and get the download for free, while the uploader is paid around a dollar for the downloaders’ survey. It’s a money-free exchange between content creators and audiences that generates revenue for creators.

Now, it also generates revenue for the Kiva Loans Program, who will receive a portion of the pay per download proceeds, from every survey filled out through the Dollar Upload site. This revenue share will go towards helping make sure all dreams have an equal shot at becoming a legitimate reality.

A spokesperson for Dollar Upload explained, “The true genius of supporting Kiva through Dollar Upload is that it doesn’t cost anyone anything. Not downloaders, not uploaders, and not us. We simply divert a tiny fraction of the payment from market research companies generating the surveys and put it into supporting the Kiva Loans program, so the process itself generates a future for people in disadvantaged countries and communities. We support people looking to make their businesses a success, and Kiva have provided the perfect way to do so.”

About Dollar Upload: Dollar Upload allows people to make money uploading files using the most secure pay per download platform available. Downloaders complete market research surveys to get free access to files, while file originators are paid the dollar payment for the completion of the survey. These pay an average of $1 per user, with many different payout options, including global bank transfers to over 200 countries in 60 currencies.

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