Dogface NFT brings the first veteran led NFT project on Opensea platform for its valuable users

Dogface is a community-driven and utility-based platform. The Dogface NFT is emerging as the first veteran-led NFT project on Opensea that sold out Intake 1 and Intake II will mint on Feb 22 - 22:00 hrs EST.

Dogface NFT is the cornerstone collection in what will become the 'NFT Community for all supporters of Veterans & First Responders.' For the remainder of this white paper, when referring to veterans, it can be assumed that what is meant is veterans, first responders, and family members and supporters of these two dedicated groups of people.

The Dogface NFT is emerging as the first veteran-led NFT project on Opensea sold out Intake 1 and Intake II will mint on Feb 22 - 22:00 hrs EST.

The Intake I of Dogface NFTs have proven extremely popular, with 300 OG Battalion minting out in no time flat! The project is gearing up for the second wave with the Intake II presale on Feb 22. The whitelist for Intake II has filled quickly with a small amount of these coveted spots remaining. The hype is growing in the veteran and first responder community, who are anxious for minting to resume.

The hand-drawn art collection from veteran Chris Wagstaff has been the talk of the community. Demand to view the whole collection has increased since the first 300 NFTs minted reveal. Dogface is donating 10% of all proceeds to veteran causes and 20% of revenue to the Dogface DAO. Dogface HQ records their daily stand-up meetings and uploads them to their YouTube channel. All the members of the development team are KYC audited.

The collection of 5,555 Dogface NFTs comprises six uniform sub-collections: Urban – 1833, Jungle –1500, Desert – 1111, Artic – 777, Black Ops –279, and Guerilla – 55. The Dogface collection has a considerable number of accessories with varying rarity values, including rifles, pistols, RPGs, NVGs, helmets, hats, dog tags, and much more. Derivative collections are planned with the enemy aliens XENO already in development. Navy and Airforce NFTs are also planned as derivative collections.

The community token is $AMMO. The token is paid to the users who stake their Dogface NFT. $AMMO will be used to add customization to minted NFTs such as country flags, crypto badges, and military insignia.

The story of the Dogface soldier is at the stark end of human existence. An alien race has all but wiped out those who stood and fought. A last-ditch effort in the form of a scientific experiment is undertaken. DNA from the world's best soldiers is gathered, and 5,555 elite soldiers are cloned. These Dogface Soldiers live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain. They own a Dogface NFT, accumulate $AMMO token, and build the ultimate private army.

Join the Dogface Army on discord to receive mission-critical documentation and daily intel updates. For further information, visit the website.

Contact Info:
Name: Mark Tulloch
Email: Send Email
Organization: Dogface Army NFT
Phone: +64224668422

Release ID: 89064318