DO CHONG NUOC Comes Up With a Solution for All Sorts of Water Damage

DO CHONG NUOC has introduced a new transparent and waterproof paint that can fight all water damages and keep the walls and other surfaces safe for ten years.

DO CHONG NUOC has been emerging as the new name in households of Vietnam for the great quality of their damp resistant products. The damp wall is a common and recurring problem during the monsoon months, and there is hardly any long term solution to the problem. However, this company has come up with colorless water-resistant paint which can completely do away with problems of damp and the effect of the product lasts up to a decade.

The managing director of Shop do chong nuoc says, “We came up with our transparent waterproof paint to make sure all water seepage problems in houses, offices, schools, and other buildings can be sorted at once.”

The new product is prepared to deal with multiple problems like seepage, leakage from the walls, discoloration, dampening and others. Since the paint is colorless, it can be applied on the wall and the wall can thereafter be covered with the desired color. This way, the walls retain their bright look and are waterproof, shielded against the worst weather.

Another member of the company added, “The waterproof paint has been developed particularly for the toilet and kitchen, where there is a constant flow of water and hence maximum damage. The waterproof paint can protect the walls and keep them safe and unharmed for more than 10 years, so when you look at the returns, it is a lot compared to the investment. And speaking of investment, our products are always priced reasonably because we want every common household to benefit from our product.”

The application of the paint is rather convenient, once the wall has been cleaned of impurities, the colorless paint can be applied on top of it. It can be applied on top of the existing paint as well, and it would stop the water from penetrating the wall immediately.

What they are offering here, therefore, is a smart and easy solution to water damage. In addition to waterproof paint, they also sell water-resistant tapes to guarantee all leakages can be taken care of.

About the company:
DO CHONG NUOC deals in waterproof products and they sell items that are useful inside the house as well as to individuals. Some of their products include waterproof tapes and waterproof paint, while they also sell waterproof shoe guards, bags, coats and so on. They are the one-stop solution to all the problems one might face during the months of monsoon. They strive to attain the best quality for their products so the buyers would get to benefit from them for the longest possible time. They also hope to increase the range of products in the future.

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