Divorce Attorney in Brooklyn NY Reveals How He Is Achieving Better Family Law Settlements In Less Time

Brooklyn family law firm Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., has just revealed how they are helping clients reduce the time it takes to achieve a more effective and much more beneficial settlement for their clients. For more information visit http://www.newyorkdivorceattorney.com/

People going through any form of family law issue such as divorce, child custody, child support, alimony or property division can now look to Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. in Brooklyn, New York, after they revealed how they are achieving better and more lasting settlements in a much shorter time frame for their clients.

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The founder of the firm, Brian D. Perskin, and author of “Winning Divorce Strategies” revealed just this week, how many family law cases are now taking longer than ever to get to settlement.

This is making cases more protracted and more costly for clients as well as emotionally draining.

When asked why this was, Perskin was quoted as saying, “Many of the family law firms that people use are solo practitioner firms.”

“The problem with this is we find that ultimately, clients have to do things around their lawyers schedule and not theirs or the court’s.”

Perskin operates a completely different model based on a team approach.

When asked how his model was different he said, “For example, the judge says I can give you [October 7th] to hear the case and I know that that date is good for my firm because they’ll be 6 lawyers available to advance your interests who are all well versed in your case.”

“When you work with solo practitioners often they can’t make that first date and all of a sudden you’re in January.”

“That has real life consequences for people.”

Perskin’s strategy is simple.

Get cases into court because if people are not willing to come to the table and agree a settlement quickly and fairly then he says, “I will want to get the case into court so it can be settled in a way that’s in my client’s best interests.”

“It saves my client money and all the emotional turmoil of things dragging on.”

This is a powerful strategy that few are able to exercise due to what Perskin puts down to a simple lack of resources.

For example, he commented, “Solo practitioners just don’t have the time and resources to deal with what going to court requires. This is also true for larger matrimonial firms who operate on the traditional system of ‘one lawyer, one case’. So they avoid the court system even though staying out of court, in many cases, prolongs the outcome.”

“By pushing the case forward like this it forces settlement, that’s what I see time and time again.”

There is another interesting byproduct of Perskin’s strategy.

Perskin described it by saying, “Also when you push the case to court and the other side show they don’t want to go there, they’ve shown their hand and I know we’ve got the case.”

He also is brutally honest with his clients.

When asked to comment about this aspect of his approach he said, “Because we operate a team model of multiple attorneys being able to work on the case the client gets not just my opinion but the opinion of four or five other attorneys who have collectively seen thousands of cases like the one they are advising on.”

“So the client gets a completely objective view that protects and advances their interests.”

With family law cases on the rise Perskin’s model which he frames as, “intelligent and aggressive” is well timed and well positioned to outcompete many of the other firms on the block.

No surprise it’s also seen Perskin build the largest family law practice in Brooklyn, New York.

For more information please visit http://www.newyorkdivorceattorney.com/

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