Divine Openings Schedules Spiritual Silent Meditation Retreat

Divine Openings has scheduled the date and location for its U.S. retreat in 2016. The spiritual retreat is designed to be the best California retreat for couples to attend together in silence.

Divine Openings is pleased to announce the upcoming Santa Barbara retreat orchestrated by the internationally known spiritual teacher, Lola Jones. She has worked with students in 139 countries. The Silent Meditation Retreat for couples will be held in Santa Barbara, CA from November 27 through December 2. The session is more than just a few days away from the usual routine. It is expected to be the top retreat in CA for couples to attend together in silence.

According to a spokesperson for the organization, “Instead of a mere break from the fears and struggles of life, how would it feel to take a retreat that changes the entire rest of your life? The session is designed to assist with the never-ending seeking, processing and working on yourself by getting out of the way and letting the Divine Presence do the work. The session is also helpful to those who have made progress with Divine Openings and now want the ultimate experience with Lola Jones leading out.”

During the five unforgettable days of the retreat, participants experience powerful live Divine Openings, enjoy pleasurable activities and delicious healthy food. There is free time to take walks or decadent naps under the oak trees between activities that are profoundly life-changing. The location of the retreat center is surrounded by quiet natural beauty.

There is little talking and participants don't sit for hours in boring meditation. The quiet encourages the mind to slow down. The guidance from Lola allows for relaxation, restoration, and growth.

The participants in the session experience causeless bliss with issues and hurts fading from memory and the joy of living coming alive. Included with the retreat session is the online Bliss Maintenance Course which allows users to refresh and go higher with videos and audio materials from retreats.

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