Distribution Hygiene Services Limited Launches Campaign For Industrial Cleaning

Distribution Hygiene Services holder of IPAF accreditation and a blue chip client list launches campaign for industrial cleaning.

According to statistics from the medical industry, more than 9.4 million cases of food borne illnesses are reported annually worldwide. Consisting primarily of norovirus and salmonella, the majority of these pathogens are believed to originate within food distribution warehouses. In an effort to help reduce the number of illnesses among consumers and the negative impact of such outbreaks on the warehouses responsible, Distribution Hygiene Services Limited has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of their hygienic industrial cleaning services.

Said Leo Gray of Distribution Hygiene Services Limited, "Food borne illnesses are thought to be responsible for more than 3,000 deaths each year; in addition, warehouses at the heart of this problem are subjected to losses of billions of dollars due to lawsuits and revoked business contracts. Those who conscientiously adhere to safety standards often attribute several hours of down time to undergoing routine decontamination. We, at Distribution Hygiene Services, www.distributionhygiene.co.uk, provide professional industrial cleaning services with little, if any, disruption in routine procedures. We specialize in ambient, chilled and freezer chambers, such as those utilized within the food and beverage distribution industry."

Gray explained further, "Our interior sterilization methods are particularly advantageous to food distributors aspiring for ISO 22,000. In this situation, it is of utmost importance the warehouse environment be as clean as possible. Our level of purification far exceeds the capabilities of others in our field; furthermore, we are able to provide our services without causing our clients any loss of function. Each member of our staff holds International Powered Access Federation accreditation, meaning they are trained extensively in the safe and effective operation of powered access equipment. We also offer exterior cleaning using super heated water and cleansers designed to remove dirt and debris. Exterior cleaning is recommended at least every 3 years to prolong the life of the siding and maintain appearance. We also clear gutters and drainage systems to ensure they are free of blockages."

Gray continued, "We provide all our clients with a full method statement, risk assessment and after clean report. Our experience, in excess of 12 years, along with our proven results, competitive pricing and exemplary customer service has earned us a Blue Chip Client list. We strive for sustainable solutions with minimal environmental impact. With our services, clients are able to conform to the most stringent safety guidelines. We also help to eliminate dangers from food borne pathogens, providing the entire community with an added element of security. Potential clients may enlist our services at www.distributionhygiene.co.uk."

About Distribution Hygiene Services Limited:
Distribution hygiene services limited provides interior and exterior cleaning services for commercial and industrial applications. Their ipaf accredited staff brings experience, professionalism and unrivaled customer service to the cleaning industry through the use of effective and environmentally friendly practices.

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