Display Wholesale Launch New Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot To Transform Storefronts

Display Wholesale has created a brand new sign spinning mannequin designed to catch the eye of more potential customers than ever, and drive foot traffic to the storefront.

The human eye is attracted to movement. Evolutionarily, movement means life, and life means potential threats, or potential food. That’s why moving signs are so much more powerful than static ones; why GIFs are so much more rewarding than still images. For bricks and mortar stores, employing sign guys to get their signs moving can be a long term expense, but worth it for the attention they attract. Now, thanks to Display Wholesale, individuals can purchase a sign spinning mannequin that will do the job forever, for a single payment.

The new sign spinning mannequins (http://www.display-wholesale.com/Sign-Spinning-Mannequins-s/2002.htm) are a female design, with flexible arms and motorized actions to ensure that the sign is constantly moving, but always readable. The natural sign waving movement is possible due to the one of a kind flexible arm design. At 5’8” tall they are life size, and come with rechargeable 12v batteries. The mannequins can perform 10hrs of sign waving on a single charge, and come with standard outfits that can be customized with branded wear.

To introduce the sign mannequins, Display Wholesale is also including a free printed sign with every mannequin, so it can be put straight to work on behalf of the business when it arrives. The mannequins are can sustain the hottest days but should be brought in during wet seasons.

A spokesperson for Display Wholesale explained, “We are excited to introduce these amazing new mannequins to businesses throughout the United States. These expertly crafted mannequins have been designed to draw attention to businesses in the best way possible, and offer the very best return on investment. Sign guy employees have been historically unreliable and a constant drain on budgets. These mannequins are tireless, novel, and will work for years: all for what you might pay a person for less than a month’s salary. Our website has video of the mannequins in action so that individuals can see for themselves how they work in real life environments.”

About Display Wholesale: Display Wholesale has been helping businesses use signage to brand and advertise their business for over 50 years. Their inventory consists of a variety of products including chalkboards, light boxes, banner stands, poster stands, and much more. All products are of the highest quality, at the most affordable prices available anywhere online. They are committed to outstanding customer service, fast delivery, and full customization for every order.

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