DispenseRite Announces Innovative New Before-and-After Report Program for Clients

New, no-obligation option will help customers understand how DispenseRite advanced fluid dispensing equipment can pay off in their own manufacturing processes, DispenseRite reports

DispenseRite Inc., a leading supplier of advanced fluid dispensing equipment targeted at industrial use, announced the availability of a special new "Before and After Report" program for the company's clients. The new program will make it easier for prospective and present clients to understand the savings that might be secured from using DispenseRite equipment in place of existing methods, as DispenseRite specialists will undertake an in-depth analysis upon request. Those looking to take advantage of the new program may easily do so at the DispenseRite website, where a single, simple form can be used to provide the necessary information.

"We have a lot to offer to manufacturers who work with both single and two component adhesives, sealants and encapsulants," DispenseRite representative Clive Worthington said, "and our new before-and-after report is going to help make it even more obvious just how advantageous our many products can be." Materials like silicone, polyurethane, epoxy and others, applied in liquid form are used for a wide variety of industrial applications, from bonding, sealing, and encapsulating, to foaming, coating, molding, and lubricating.

Many industrial users of these materials rely on old-fashioned, labor-intensive hand mixing and manual processes for their application. DispenseRite offers an array wide selection of Fluid System Application alternatives, including Meter Mix Dispense Machines, XYZ Robots, Precision Dispense Valves, Material Supply Systems and Accessories. When properly selected and installed, this equipment can greatly improve the efficiency and capacity of existing production lines, freeing workers to take on more challenging work.

DispenseRite LSR Silicone equipment, for example, is used for the injection molding of multi component liquid silicone for the production of highly precise silicone molded finished, medical and non medical components. DispenseRite's proprietary, extensively field-tested designs ensure that the equipment will provide the utmost in precision, speed and repeatability, boosting the productiveness of lines that make use of it.

The company's Meter Mix Dispense equipment can be just as transformative. Making use of exclusive, patented technology, the nearly 20 distinct machine platforms provide everything from ultra-high-precision metering and micro-dispensing to high-capacity material delivery for specialized applications.

Whether a given manufacturer might benefit from some combination of these devices, a DispenseRite Epoxy Potting Machine, or other equipment, then, the new "Before and After Report" option will help make the possibilities clear. By filling out a simple form that can be found on the DispenseRite site, customers in any industry will be able to have a customized, situation-specific analysis conducted about how their own operations might benefit from DispenseRite's offerings. These detailed reports are delivered free of charge and obligation and include specific breakdowns as to likely returns on investment.

About DispenseRite:
One of the Canada's leading suppliers of Advanced Fluid Dispensing Equipment, DispenseRite provides innovative, advanced XYZ Desktop Robots, Meter Mix Dispense Machines, Material Supply Solutions and a wide range of accessories to manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

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