Discover Identity and Ownership Information with Public Data USA

Public Data USA is the newest search engine platform for people searching open databases stored anywhere online.

Public Data USA launches as the newest platform that enables people to freely explore huge data sets of public information. Referred to as the “search engine of public data,” Public Data USA allows users to see everything from voter registration and White House visitors to property ownership and vehicle registrations.

If you have searched for information about a specific person online, then you’ve likely experienced the frustration of sifting through dozens of irrelevant search hits without finding what you need. Public Data USA consolidates all of the meaningful, relevant information for your search and gives you clean results that are easy to understand. Using a standard search engine can not only be frustrating, but also leave you dodging attempts at getting your credit card information with the promise of showing records that may or may not exist.  Public Data USA has a mission to safely provide searchable public data completely for free. 

Public Data USA has gathered vast datasets of publicly available US records and created one of the largest databases of public information in the country. Their most recent development is making that database fully searchable through an interactive search function. Most importantly, they’ve made this search available completely for free, providing the public with a safe and efficient way to search for practical public records. 

According to David Wu, a representative from Public Data USA, “Pretty much everybody in the planet has struggled to locate the correct data at one point or another. That’s why we are here – the ideal answer for everybody’s data problems. Our platform is your one-stop-shop for datasets.”

The team behind the platform is making public data in the US accessible to everybody, free of charge. They are bringing millions of records altogether to offer users one searchable database of US public information. Public data is composed of information that is recorded and maintained by federal and local governments. Their public information database includes campaign contributions, White House records, business registration, patents, vehicle records, and property records, among other categories.

Public Data USA is dedicated to the responsible use of its database contents. They are clear that the platform may not be utilized for any purpose that is stated in FCRA. This includes insurance eligibility, scholarship qualifications, credit checks, tenant screening, as well as employment screening.

Public Data USA aims to offer useful and precise public data at all times. However, they cannot ensure the accuracy of their data. Users are advised to employ their data along with their own independent research.

Researchers, data enthusiasts, journalists, and students alike could utilize the platform as their resource to discover new connections for people they know or want to learn more about. The best thing about the platform is that it’s free for all users.

About Public Data USA
Public Data USA is a platform that brings millions of public records together to offer its users one searchable database of US public information. Their public data search is composed of contact information, campaign contributions, business registration, healthcare provider records, realtor information, vehicle records, property records, and marketing data, among other datasets. People who use the platform include journalists, students, researchers, online daters, and individuals who are searching for relatives and old college friends.

To learn more about Public Data USA, contact David Wu at Visit the website to learn more about how their search engine for public data works.

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