Disbotdatbot launches into crypto industry combining a strong meme culture and tech incubating platform

Disbotdatbot is an emerging friendly crypto platform that provides strong meme culture with generous rewards. The community driven meme will contribute to new tech developers whilst generating wealth for holders.

With the current surplus of meme coins existing in the crypto space, the competition for investor’s attention is increasingly intensifying. This rapid-pace environment allows for companies with stronger development and mission to rise to the top.

Introducing disbotdatbot.io, a new kind of meme token crypto company, that are combining the power of the community with a unique tech incubator model. The company, based in Toronto, Ontario, was in development for months and launched in November 2021, by a group of visionaries in the tech and crypto space. They see the cryptocurrency industry as a better platform for combining wealth generation investments and an evolved type of crowd-funding for beneficial technologies to come to market.

The meme token’s utility goals are built on 3 core tenets: a wealth-generation vehicle, community-building events, and the tech incubation fund. Building a strong and engaged community is top of their goals list, and is interwoven into all these elements.

Firstly, they have implemented a transaction tax of 8%, with 4% as rewards to investors as reflections, and 4% back to the incubator fund. Secondly, they are introducing an engagement-based points structure that rewards participating investors with tiered membership levels, with special perks. Details of that have not yet been released, but will be soon, according to their website. Thirdly, $DISBOT will also conduct periodic events, such as token burns and monthly lotteries. They also are preparing their NFT marketplace offering as an added feature in their roadmap, to add more features to their platform.

$DISBOT tokenomics reveal a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, with 5% of total supply designated for their charity incubator fund. They also reveal 30% is earmarked for periodic token burns, designed for deflationary economics which will increase token valuation while decreasing supply. The roadmap indicates that the first token burn will take place in Phase 4, coinciding with their first lottery round, and the reveal of the first recipient of the fund. They will also be launching their NFT collection at this time.

The $DISBOT token presale precedes the launch of the platform. Investors can participate in the presale by signing up for the whitelist on their website, anytime before 14:00 UTC on the 30th of November. The presale extends until the 7th of December, 14:00 UTC, and immediately transitions to the Token Generation Event on Pancakeswap. Anti-bot and anti-rugpull mechanisms are in place to ensure a solid TGE.

This will be a unique project to watch. Investors can learn all about it on disbotdatbot.io. They are focused on building a better future that supports the transformation of this world to a better one with the help of it’s meme-based token interacting with the community, and contributing to vetted tech projects.

Discord: https://discord.gg/disbotdatbot/
Telegram: https://t.me/disbotdatbot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/disbotdatbot

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Website: http://disbotdatbot.io/

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