Director Brandon Bender Announces Film Debut On Official Website

Brandon Bender has achieved great things in the world of music videos, promos and short films, and has now announced his first feature film will begin shooting in 2015.

Film is one of the most exciting media in the world, as its capacity to join the written word and actors performances with audio and visual storytelling devices can create the richest and most engaging storytelling experiences for viewers. What makes a good storyteller in this medium is hotly debated and hugely varied, but promising talents establish themselves by having their own distinctive style. One such is Brandon Bender, who has established a reputation through reinventing the music video and by creating deftly handled short films. The director has now announced his Film debut, schedule to start shooting in 2015.

The Unstable Film Confirmed for 2015 will be produced by Ann Riensin, and starring Somyia Finely and Wlaa El in the lead roles. The film will have an exciting release via iTunes and Video On Demand services. The film already has its first product placements lined up provided by Selfmade Threads, who will help make the film a reality and give it a unique look.

The film is set to explore the biological underpinnings of supernatural phenomena in a dramatic fashion, told through the perspective of an unreliable narrator in Finley’s character Billie. The film’s visual style will be an evolution of Brandon Bender’s work, and the establishment of Brandon Bender: Film Director.

A spokesperson for Brandon Bender explained, “We are creating a small and intimate film that nevertheless deals with grand themes, and will be an exploration of humanity’s need for something greater than themselves, and greater even than their understanding. Science reaches for knowledge of the unknown, but filmically, the supernatural locks into that same desire without providing a simple an elegant solution, which is what makes it so much more compelling. By bringing science and the supernatural together, we have the ingredients for great drama.”

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