Direct Dental Sales Explode: Smile Perfected Announces Direct Sales Rival Distributor Model

The Dental distributor model is at risk of dying a slow death announced dental product company Smile Perfected, well known for their popular in-office whitening systems.

In a question and answer statement issued by the teeth whitening company responsible for the Prophy Plus™ and the 20-Minute Whitening System™, Smile Perfected™ revealed a surge in direct to doctor sales for their products and shared their concerns for the dental distributor model dominant for decades in dentistry - pulling no punches.

"The major dental distributors aren't as necessary anymore, and don't provide the value to the dental practices they supply or the product manufacturers as they used to. The internet has put them in danger of becoming irrelevant - if they don't adapt," stated Dr. Balanoff, Smile Perfected CEO & Founder, Dr. William Balonoff, DDS, MS, FICD.

Dr. Balanoff attributes their success with being able to communicate directly (doctor to doctor) with practice owners without a gatekeeper. The Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System was designed to fit perfectly into an office's existing routine. Patients can get a pain free, sensitivity free whitening treatment in just 20 minutes, and it's easy for the hygiene team to perform. It was designed by a dentist with a dentist's needs in mind and the system was made available online here:

Dr. Balanoff made it clear that the large distributors (the Big 3 including: Henry Schein, Patterson Dental, and Benco) have been great partners throughout his career as doctor, practice owner and dental product manufacturer.

"We have a product that provides incredible value to practice owners and group dentals, which can dramatically raise hygiene revenues, increase patient satisfaction all without tying up doctor time," stated Dr. Balanoff.

The company found the catalog / sales rep system predominant in many dental offices across the U.S. insufficient at getting this message out to dentists who could benefit according to the statement. The company revealed they began to see the sales of their popular whitening system explode when they began to reach dentists directly, sidestepping the traditional gatekeeper. Doctors would get it immediately, and understand the value of the Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System™ for their dental office - when they could reach them.

Companies like Henry Schein, the largest distributor of dental products which supplies 100,000 dental offices, Benco and Patterson Dental thrived providing a catalog of dentistry products, and provide a real convenience to doctors who just want to practice dentistry according to Dr. Balanoff.

Sales surged past their initial benchmark of 150 partnered offices, and new office acquisitions from large dental suppliers only account for a small fraction of the new offices added, according to the Smile Perfected.

"Working direct with dental offices interested in our product allows us to provide insane value, and our product support is unsurpassed," added Dr. Balanoff.

Great companies offering dental supplies like Henry Schein, Patterson & Benco aren't going away and will likely be with dentists for years to come - but they will need to adapt to an internet age to stay relevant, according to at least one dental product manufacturer.

About Smile Perfected:
Smile Perfected was established in 2014 by Dr. William Balanoff. Dental products include the Smile Perfected 20 Minute Whitening System™, designed to fit seamlessly into an offices current patient process after a prophy. Imagine a patient getting a quick, noticeably whiter smile with a non-invasive dental service… no drilling, no shots… just whiter teeth in 20 minutes. To learn more visit:

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