Direct Bikes Retail Ltd Launches Electric Scooters for Environmentally-Conscious Commuters

Direct Bikes Retail Ltd launch their M488 adult electric scooter. The M488 Electric Scooter features a rechargeable battery which can travel approximately 18 miles on one single charge.

Lower emissions and fuel conversions have been among the most driving issues in the modern era. The electric scooter launched by Direct Bikes Retail Ltd manages to impress with an excellent design and a multitude of exciting features. Their range of electric scooters is the ideal combination of style and speed and provides an excellent alternative to manual scooters.

With the continuous advancement in technology, the use of transport vehicles has increased a lot, which has given fame to traffic as well. It’s due to this that electric scooters have raised and because they have a lot of additional and supporting benefits too. Such gadgets make it simple for commuters to get where they are going without spending money on gas.

Direct Bikes Retail Ltd has brought home the bacon with ease as far in the creation of the vehicle goes. Their M488 adult electric scooter is incredibly ergonomic design and made to be comfortable and simple to use. It boasts geometric, stripped-back design elements which establish an elegant and stylish profile which commuters will love riding.

Features of M488 Electric Scooters:
The entire scooter is made from aerospace-grade aluminium, making it extremely durable and light as well. It weighs 29.6 lbs., it’s hassle-free to pick up and bring with between rides. The finish and materials denote that the scooter is corrosion resistant, and boasts a high thermal conductivity.

The handles of the M488 Scooter are covered with an anti-slip finish, so the user will never lose control while riding it. Further, there is a bright LED headlight to keep the rider safe even when they are riding the scooter at night. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that the scooter features a bell to inform people that someone is approaching. The headlights boast a power of 1.1 watts and the beam could reach up six meters for additional safety.

The M488 Electric Scooter features a rechargeable battery which can travel approximately 18 miles on one single charge. It will only take at least four hours to charge completely, so riders will never be without their scooter for too long. Plus, the contemporary design also features six different protection functions, that includes over-current and short-circuit protection.

According to H Simmons, the owner of the company, “Electric vehicles are the way for future, and our new electric scooters glance into the technology which is going to govern transport in the long run. We hope to develop on the innovation which we’ve started already.”

The M488 is available in both white or matte black, along with both red accents, offering a contemporary finish to a modern design.

About Direct Bikes Retail Ltd:
Direct Bikes Retail Ltd is motor scooter company that uses only the latest technology, highest quality materials and stylish designs on their scooters.

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