DingDing TV Reports on a New Approach to Acting

Using phenomenology, actors find they can take their skills to a new level by looking at the world around them in a new light, DingDingTV.com announces

Individuals interested in acting and performing in theater need to consider different approaches when doing so. One such perspective involves transpersonal or spiritual psychology.

This method of acting may be seen as a way of looking inward to allow new meanings to emerge when playing the part of another person. In the past, people looked at the technical and personal aspects of this art. Today, men and women wish to move to a more personal way to achieve this goal, and Tutorials of the language of Drama Acting and Directing becomes of great help when doing so. The tutorials provide information on phenomenology and how it plays a role in acting.

"First, the actor must dismiss the common meaning of a thing and take it through different dimensions. This allows new meanings to emerge, with no additional weight given to any one of them. This allows a sufficient set of meanings to be determined to arrive at reality. The actor then reflects on the different variations to see the whole reality rather than the sum of its parts. This can be seen in action here," Jiawei Liu, author of "The Training of the Actors: A Transpersonal Psychology Approach through Drama", explains.

The field of phenomenology continues to evolve, and acting serves as only one part of this expansion. Experimental phenomenology allows for the deconstruction of the items, while hermeneutic phenomenology looks at the text needed to reconstruct them. Actors use both branches when on the stage. To better understand how this works, researchers must communicate with the actors at different stages of the process.

"It begins with a conversation with the actors. Before they go on stage to perform, they engage in meditation exercises to empty their minds. This allows them to remain open to new experiences they have yet to see. The actors are allowed to read their transcript as well as transcripts of those with whom they share the stage. Another round of conversations then takes place, with new transcripts being generated," Liu continues.

Each round of conversation and accompanying transcripts represents the actor's initial perspective. Every actor reflects on only a portion of the set. Researchers see the entire set. The self-knowledge and self-awareness gained by taking part in these exercises help to expand the actor's talents. They find it easier to understand the role they are being asked to play.

"To learn more about phenomenology in acting, view the video found here. Actors who take part in these exercises find them to be completely different from any training they have taken part in before. However, the tutorials allow them to take their acting to a new level, which they truly love," Liu declares.

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