Dineline, Creating Explosive Sales Results For Restaurants In 2022

Brett Linkletter, CEO & Co-Founder of Dineline shares the company’s success after helping 1000+ restaurants exceed their best sales months through their hybrid software company.

Dineline is a growth agency for restaurants. Founder of Dineline, Brett Linkletter started Misfit Media in 2015, working with a wide range of brands in various industries. In 2019, after gaining experience and knowledge of each industry, Linkletter decided to narrow down his focus and niche to the restaurant industry.

Following this decision, the company experienced explosive growth and demand. As of today, they have worked with over 1,000 restaurant concepts and rebranded from Misfit Media to Dineline, which better reflects their work in the industry.

Restaurants without a measurable marketing system are tremendously limiting their growth. Some of Dineline’s most successful clients have doubled the size of their business within the first year of working together. Offering a guarantee of success and an experienced track record, Dineline is the only agency and software hybrid company servicing this niche. “Dineline helped 1,000+ restaurant concepts exceed their best sales months ever by redefining how owners approach growing their business” says Linkletter.

There is immense value that can be taken from mistakes made early on in business. After generating thousands of leads for restaurants, Dineline learned that knowing numbers and understanding the cost per customer acquisition is crucial to scaling. Also when it comes to scaling, Dineline helps businesses automate customer service so they can not only save time when communicating with potential customers, but also ensure to never miss a call in-store or message online. It is evident that one of the most important aspects to any restaurant's success is how much traffic they can drive to the restaurant, as sales is based on this.

Linkletter shares, “This isn’t a marketing plan, it’s a system built for restaurant growth and it has worked in all sorts of demographics. If there is a potential customer base in your area, this program will get them in the door, keep them coming back, and show that it’s working”.

Without a doubt, the key lies in finding new customers and making sure those customers become loyal patrons of establishment. Dineline has made this process accessible to restaurant owners with what is known as the “A.C.E method” which stands for “Activate, Capture & Engage”. If a business is active online, they must take certain measures to engage with potential customers and gain their trust. Dineline believes that every engagement is an opportunity to create a lifelong relationship between both restaurant and customer. Dineline’s results-driven marketing solution helps restaurant owners manage and connect with guests using the best technology available, all while automating 1-1 conversations. This saves restaurant owners hours and hours of time on the customer service end, and allows them to monetize more customers on a regular basis.

Focusing on turning conversations into conversions, Dineline’s results-driven approach for restaurants is quickly redefining what restaurant growth looks like in 2022 and beyond.

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