Digital Flatbed Printer Manufacturer Launches New Website

Gateway Technology Industry Co. Ltd, printing industry leader known for quality digital flatbed printers, announces the launch of their brand new website.

Printing on various objects such as mobile phone cases, signboards, leather goods, ceramic tiles, metal badges, PVC foam boards, key chains, ball point pens, plus an ever growing list of physical goods and even food is a realm reserved for special digital flatbed printers such as those manufactured by printing industry leader, Gateway Technology Industry Co. Ltd. While already having a strong global presence in every printer trade show across the world, the company also understood that in order to effectively demonstrate the large number of applications their printers can handle to all their customers, a fully interactive website is the best way to express this. That is why they have launched their new website, which can be found at

“While our current customers are extremely happy with our printers and especially our dedication to providing in-house technical support around the world, we still recognized the need for those looking to learn more, to easily find any information regarding our complete printer catalog”, states Elsa Lin, Sales Marketing Director at Gateway Technology Industry Company. She goes on further to say, “With the demand for videos also growing exponentially, we tirelessly worked with our website technical team to ensure we have the capability to constantly expand on this valuable video element.”

Visitors will quickly notice when perusing the website, the focus on client education about the various printers available to them, especially through videos. The company owners know it is not enough to just list printer technical specifications without providing some context in order to make an informed decision. Beginning with the main purpose for a printer acquisition and then seeing the available printer options, while seemingly obvious, is a process that was lacking in observation of their competition.

With such customer centric focus devoted throughout the creation of the website, the Gateway Technology Industry Company hopes to match on this new website what their customers already know about them; that they truly are the leaders in the digital printing industry.

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