Digital Fiat, The Bep-20 Defi Smart Token, Makes A Promising Entry Into The Cryptocurrency Industry

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DFIAT is the next generation of DeFi powered by blockchain technology.

Digital currency is making its mark all around the globe. Every day new forms of cryptocurrency are emerging, some with the potential to store and grow value. One particular project that has joined the industry is Digital Fiat, a decentralized digital currency that can be sent from peer-2-peer networks or individuals without a central bank. The token or protocol is programmed in a way that promotes passive income and leads to growing value and liquidity. Moreover, the currency can be best utilized with the upcoming SafeNet Wallet.

"The idea is to introduce a digital currency that would be more suitable for day to day use than Bitcoin. To successfully do this the alternative would need to be more eco-friendly and has the scalability to deal with large amounts of transactions at high speeds. And of course be less volatile or have a way to maintain stability of a price range. Our developer team found a unique way to address these issues and make Digital Fiat easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection, which makes it all the more lucrative", says a spokesperson from Digital Fiat.

DFIAT is the next generation of DeFi powered by blockchain technology. Holders have the ease to convert DFIAT to fiat currency with their hybrid wallet that is coming soon, Metamask or Trust Wallet after they launch the token on Pancakeswap one of the most popular decentralised exchanges. Digital Fiat can also be converted to (BUSD) and (BNB) and liquified on the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Another component of the Digital Fiat ecosystem is a VPN app that encrypts the data a user sends through the network, which makes it harder to intercept. Along with hiding your IP address, the app offers additional security against viruses, malware to say the least. SafeNet VPN doesn't save the user's log and offers an extra sense of security and anonymity.

DFIAT is a completely decentralized digital currency that proves to be a secure and trusted resource in the industry. With DFIAT, holders can make international transactions fast, while avoiding high fees. Digital Fiat comprises various products that carry virtual and real world utility.

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