Digital Asset SDR System: Establishing New Order Of Blockchain Finance

ACCHAIN made its appearance in Dallas Fort Worth to launch a commercial application using blockchain technology. Serene Country Home Group, launched the Initial Coin Offering of its digital asset – RET (Real Estate Token).

Acchain made its appearance in Dallas Fort Worth to launch a commercial application using blockchain technology. This is following Acchain’s Initial Coin Offering of their standard general token called ACC (Asset Coin Collection) two weeks ago. The ACC ICO aims to structure an international supernode networks of digital assets, and establish a digital currency “Special Drawing Rights” (SDR). The SDR will help in populating ACC and form a more stable global digital finance and asset system for businesses and consumers across the Acchain. The digital currency SDR also supplements the traditional SDR to help establish a new order in the financial world.

Acchain’s arrival has been highly anticipated by the industry. Nero Chen from California Blockchain Institution said, Acchain is on the same playing field with BitChain and Ethereum. The only difference between them are the areas they are emphasizing on: BitChain is focusing on value transfer, Ethereum is focusing on Smart Contract, and ACCHAIN is mainly for commercial applications, assets digitization, and digital asset circulation. Acchain has high commercial valuation. With ACC (Asset Collection Coin) as the general asset token and a digital asset interchange medium, all digital assets can be exchanged with through Acchain.

On the same day, the North American real estate developer – Serene Country Home Group, launched the ICO of its digital asset – RET (Real Estate Token). Sendera Ranch, one of its major projects in Fort Worth, Texas worth over US$600 million has completed its digitization with the help of Acchain blockchain technology. The RET will also serve as the general token for the U.S. region. The pre-sale period of the digital asset token through ACCHAIN’s“Peer to Peer”sales supernodes started early this month.

During the same event, Pencil Blockchain Company was welcomed into the Acchain DAO community and will become one of the Acchain super nodes in North America for advertising Acchain and its commercial application implementation of the blockchain technology. The company is also in talks with a third-party fund management company to establish a mixed ETF Fund, the first building block of Acchain’s financial services system.

American Digital Asset Exchange Inc, a blockchain financial service institution, is also expected to join Acchain as a DAO member soon to establish a digital asset exchange transaction system for Acchain. With increasing regulation on blockchain normalization and segmentation by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), local blockchain companies will be able to explore more development opportunities as it targets the global market.

The growing number of institutions and companies joining Acchain to digitize their assets heralds a new stage in the blockchain technology: the emergence of commercial applications which will be more useful to more consumers across the globe.

Assets Collection Chain (ACCHAIN) is an open global community and a decentralized asset digitization platform and tool.


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