Digit Grips Announces the Launch of Their Product Line on Amazon

Consumers can now purchase these amazing devices easily through the Amazon website and get the same great product consumers fell in love with on KickStarter, Digit Grips reports

Individuals often spend a great deal of money to have their mobile device repaired, as this option remains cheaper than replacing the unit. The average cost of replacing a glass screen or LCD panel when using a third party provider is anywhere from $25 to $200. Turn to the manufacturer for this repair and the cost increases to $100 to $300 on average. A great way to avoid these high costs is to purchase a device that helps prevent breakage in the first place, and this goal led to the creation of Digit Grips.

"Digit Grips are great for everyone, especially kids. This peel and stick device provides the user with a semi-permanent grip that will come off without leaving excessive residue. Fortunately, any residue that does remain can easily be removed, although silicon cases must be treated first. The bond created by the Digit Grip is semi-permanent, which allows individuals to use the device without worry. We offer two product lines known as the Stick and Grip and the Stick and Move, so everyone can find the right device for their needs," Donnie Hayes, spokesperson for Digit Grips, explains.

The Consumer Electronics Association reports the average mobile phone lasts 4.7 years. However, they don't provide information on how often the device needs to be repaired in this time frame. Proper use is needed to ensure the device holds up this long, yet accidents do happen. With the help of Digit Grips, the odds of an accident are greatly reduced.

"Each Digit Grip product comes with low profile Velcro, making it easy to remove the phone grip or adjust it to make it more comfortable. This feature makes it easy to move the grip for different users, such as when a parent hands their phone off to a child. The natural, ergonomic fit is ideal for all hand sizes and all ages. Save time and money by protecting the device with a phone or tablet grip. One it is used, individuals will wonder how they ever lived without it," Hayes continues.

Digit Grips are lightweight and easy to use. Furthermore, the device can be used with almost any mobile device a person owns. Individuals who try the device find they want a Digit Grip for every electronic item they own.

"Buy with confidence knowing you are purchasing an American-made product from a veteran owned business. The grips can easily be purchased on Amazon.com, so check them out today. They are great products that anyone can benefit from and save the hassle of having a mobile device repaired. The cost is negligible when compared to the cost of having a mobile device fixed also, so the user wins in every way," Hayes announces.

About Digit Grips:

Owned and operated by veterans, Digit Grips was the dream of the founder. Thanks to a fully funded KickStarter campaign, individuals everywhere can buy this product, which is complete, looks great and adds a convenience not yet realized by the consumer.

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