Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. Introduce 50% Sale On All Diamond Tooling For Limited Time Only

Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. is offering people the chance to save 50% on all diamond tooling, to help them get the very best finishing for the very best prices.

Diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man, and as well as being used for precious jewellery, it has a wide range of industrial applications. By coating grinding wheels and mandrels in diamond, individuals can get higher performance from their tooling, and a more precision finish on the workpieces they produce. Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. specializes in diamond plating, and have perfected their method to offer some of the best mandrels, grinding wheels, jig grinding mandrels, and DW wheels available. They are now offering a 50% sale on all items for a limited time only.

Through their years of work, the company has focused on the overall crystal performance of diamond plated tooling, increasing the depth of in-feed, enhancing the ability to cut freely, and most importantly the increasing the overall tool life. The sale therefore means that individuals will get the best products at the lowest cost, then save again thanks to their increased tool lifespan.

This means they have mastered many variables, including crystal friability, bond type, grit size and mesh size, density, concentration, duration, stripping, masking and more. Whether being used for dressing, truing, ID grinding, jig grinding or any other application, they can customize the tool for your application. From crystal type, concentration, bond type, tool design, feeds and speeds, and more for bespoke projects; Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. is offering the best cost per unit reduction in the market with their highly engineered products.

A spokesperson for Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. explained, “Our site is peppered with testimonials from individuals who have experienced using our products first hand, which can attest to the opportunity that businesses currently have in front of them. This sale allows businesses to transform their tooling for a fraction of the usual cost, get better results and more productive through-put, with an increased lifespan and higher speeds and feeds. We look forward to helping more businesses than ever with their diamond plating needs.”

About Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc.: Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. is a Diamond and CBN Plating Company out of Warren, Mi. They have been plating for over 20 years, starting with copper plating and growing into to Diamond and CBN Mandrel Plating, and Diamond Grinding Wheels. They are a premier supplier of Diamond Plating, and pride themselves on producing a product with the highest of quality, starting with their raw material choices. Their 35,000sqft shop produces over 50,000+ mandrels annually.

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Organization: Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc.
Address: 14540 Jib Street. Warren, MI 48170
Phone: (734) 416-1900
Website: http://diamondplatedmandrel.com/

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