DFC digital financial public chain officially launched

The DFC digital finance public chain has recently opened to the international open source website GitHub and announced its official launch

It is reported that the DFC digital finance public chain has recently opened to the international open source website GitHub and announced its official launch.

DFC public chain layout

DFC is an ecological public chain that uses blockchain technology to break the barriers of global assets and realize the free circulation of assets. The bottom layer of DFC provides a complete distributed account book system, Turing complete intelligent contract system, safe and stable network ecological encryption system, supports various asset application protocols, multi-dimensional authentication and cross chain protocols, and can run multiple languages safely, stably and efficiently.

DFC enables the global high-quality assets to be put on the chain through the "hash pass", which promotes the evolution of the financial future into a new distributed system, so that the global asset circulation, financial lending, notarization and confirmation of rights, digital asset derivatives, etc. can be transferred on the public chain.

DFC ecological layout

Asset chain

Map the information, rights and interests and circulation of assets to the blockchain. Generally speaking, it is to use blockchain technology to register the information, property rights and transaction methods of assets, so as to make an effective connection between the assets and the token on the blockchain. Through the network to cross-border, short time difference, low-cost asset circulation.


Community developers build and develop decentralized applications on the public chain
Payment service platform

DFC provides digital currency payment services, integrates banks, third-party payments and network operators to aggregate and generate one-stop payment channels, providing customers with fast, flexible and standard payment and settlement services. To create a "Alipay like" block chain platform.

Ore pool

With the expansion and development of ecology, more community work and other ecological construction can be involved.

Digital financial public chain stable currency

Through the introduction of ecological supervision node, with the ecological stable currency as the measurement target and the transaction target, the corresponding token price is marked to realize the stable value tool of global transaction and payment, and the specific value support is formed by anchoring the specific proportion combination of US dollar, euro and pound to form the stable circulation target. In this way, the DFC financial ecology is realized, and the traditional financial business is mapped to the financial public chain.

DFC future ecology

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, the future form of DFC is to evolve into a new distributed ecosystem. All the transactions, circulation and confirmation of rights of assets and warrants are carried out on the financial public chain. DFC hopes to establish security and stability. Multi application ecological public chain, more perfect and universal protocol layer, to help businesses and individuals involved in asset activities efficiently, low threshold, free integration into the construction of the global economy. Breaking the regional and hierarchical restrictions and allowing everyone in the economy to participate will bring more and better development teams and industrial talents into this circle to solve the demand of blockchain technology, and even create more demand. At the same time, they can enjoy their own labor.

Looking forward to the future, in the coming digital financial era, digital finance will occupy a large part of the blockchain industry. In the future, the whole industrial blockchain will be more open and open-source, a small number of modular start-ups will emerge, and the traditional large enterprise market will usher in a new round of upgrading. DFC will take "making assets more circulating and digitalizing Asset Services" as its goal, pursue high performance and security, provide basic services for asset business management, financial services, Securities equity certificates and other scenarios, and become the public chain benchmark in the digital financial era.

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