Dexscrow emerges as A Trading Platform Built for Decentralized and Centralized Finance

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Dexscrow is the first dex-fiat peer-to-peer trading platform where users convert any token into fiat on their terms. DXW tokens will be listed in all leading exchanges soon.

Dexscrow is the first decentralized crypto-fiat peer to peer trading platform on the Binance Smart chain. It has initiated trading of popular Bep-20 tokens against the USD, EUR, and GBP, with many more to be taken on board soon.

It is working hard in bridging the Cefi and Defi with the team of its expert minds. Dexscrow is the first platform that understands the dependency of the ecosystem on centralized services, which can't be ignored once and for all. The think tank behind Dexscrow saw the need to create a secure bridge that could work in both DeFi and Centralized Finance without jeopardizing DeFi's primary strengths. Dexscrow is a marketplace for converting tokens of any type into fiat where users are the prime holder and authoritative of their finances.

Dexscrow P2P Crypto/Fiat has introduced the Exchange Operation for its investors.
Peer to Peer, as the name itself suggests, crypto-fiat exchanges are usually based between two blockchain wallet owners. Dexscrow is revolutionizing Peer to Peer (P2P) Crypto/Fiat Exchange in the Defi space by answering the biggest question of the investors, which is the conversion to fiat. It allows the token transformation into fiat safely, legally, and efficiently.

Dexscrow also offers the Business Model. A system of wealth distribution in a centralized finance system is rigged. It is plagued with inequalities that lopsidedly affect people of less privilege. Dexscrow is a profitable project whose core goal is to equip its investors with their money. It believes in empowering its investors and giving them the right to own their money. It is a Defi project wealth accessible to all. It is community-centered. Citing the concept of wealth to be available for all, Dexscrow aims to grow big by generating consistent revenue as a company and incentivizing its investors.

Dexscrow Platform guarantees secure Operation and Safety to its holders. Dexscrow platform is exclusively designed to be user-friendly, enabling beginners to trade without facing much trouble. The platform prioritizes the safety and security of its users. They take security very seriously, and to ensure a safe platform; they carry out smart contract audits, site security tests, and all other wide variety of tests. Also, they check upon the standing operating procedures to ensure that investors' funds are entirely safe and secured. In addition, their audit will be opened to the general public and can be verifiable by anyone.

The procedure of becoming a member of the Dexscrow community is smooth, quick, and accessible. A user can start by connecting their decentralized wallet to the Dexscrow platform. Once connected, users will have complete accessibility to the availability of peers for trade. People can buy or sell, anywhere, anytime. Users can buy DXW tokens by participating in Public Sale or Airdrop. The DXW Token can be stored in a Binance chain-supported wallet that the user has complete control of. DXW token will soon be listed on leading exchanges.

Dexscrow functions on the following ideology: "from the community, by the community, for the community" to focus primarily on decentralization and governance. Dexscrow believes in giving more of the decision-making and management to their community. They are working on a plan to roll out DAO and give a large part of decision making and the project back to their community because of the more robust the community, the more vital the Dexscrow Platform.

Dexscrow Tokenomics are as follows:
- Total Supply: 100 million
- Private Sale: 35%
- Public Sale: 8%
- Listing: 10%
- Seed Sale: 10%
- Staking 10%

About Dexscrow
Dexscrow is a dex-fiat peer-to-peer trading platform. This platform ensures that dex traders can seamlessly trade their Bep-20 tokens for the fiat of their choice. Traders can create adverts with their price and preferred payment option.

Dexscrow, with its promising project plan, is set to change the whole discourse of Defi. With Dexscrow, defi is set to be accessible to all. Join them for this exciting journey today! For more details and information, visit their website.

Contact Info:
Name: Oyebanji Oluwatosin
Email: Send Email
Organization: Dexscrow
Phone: +2348066533274

Release ID: 89062687

Name: Oyebanji Oluwatosin
Email: Send Email
Organization: Dexscrow