Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations Distinguishes Each Client From the Competition

Creativity and unique approaches capture the attention of the target audience with Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations service.

According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span for a person now lies at nine seconds, which is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish! This statistic helps to explain why many businesses fail to capture the attention of the general public as they are failing to get their message across in this short period of time. "Whether it be crisis communications, blog posts or web site copy, companies must get their point across within this nine second period or really capture the attention of the reader to have him or her wish to continue reading," Vivian Deuschl of Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations reports.

Experts often declare content is king and this is true, yet media placement, networking and strategic event planning continue to be of great importance also. Excellent content, when not seen by the target audience, does not benefit a company. The right hospitality pr firm helps to create web copy, press releases, collateral materials, blogs, op-eds and more and, once created, strategically places this copy with national and international press agencies. "Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations offers the contacts needed to ensure this copy is correctly placed with the right press organizations, ranging from the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post to CNN International and CNBC. Furthermore, we frequently act as the official spokesperson for our clients to the media to ensure the correct message is delivered quickly and effectively," Ms. Deuschl declares.

Networking continues to be of great importance to ensure the right people are receiving the message being delivered, whether one is in need of tourism public relations assistance or hotel public relations, among others. Industry professionals recognize Ms. Deuschl as an expert in these and many other fields and have honored her numerous times, including awarding her the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association. "When you want experience and personalized service, look no further than Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations as each client's expectations are met to the greatest extent. Using creative and new approaches, we work to distinguish each client from their competition," Ms. Deuschl exclaims.

About Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations:
Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations offers consulting services for those in the travel industry looking for publicity and public relations work. Innovative programs and strategic guidance allow Ms. Deuschl to raise media and consumer awareness of tourism, travel and lifestyle products and services. The boutique atmosphere of the firm sets this PR firm apart from others and Ms. Deuschl works with hotels, spas and take out restaurants, using her contacts with the right entities. Companies ranging from city center hotels and exotic resorts to air carriers and cruise lines make use of her services as she provides personal, individualized account management, working diligently to achieved the desired results. Quality is never compromised for quantity and each client is treated equally.

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