Des Hague - On the Success of Stamford Youth Foundation’s All Star Cheer Squad

By contributing to programs like the SYF Cheer Squad, Des Hague and his peers are also investing in the young people of the region.

A local Connecticut organization offering multiple programs for young people, the Stamford Youth Foundation (SYF) has another great accomplishment to announce. After months of disciplined training, the Foundation’s All Star Cheer Squad competed in the 2015 annual CT Cheerleading Classic, an event that highlighted the top cheerleading talent within the region vying for the title of top team and was delighted to earn an excellent 2nd place distinction. For community-connected executives like Des Hague, a generous supporter of the SYF, this achievement represents a wonderful result for all members of the team. Everyone involved, including coaches, parents, and the cheerleaders themselves, worked hard to make it to the CT Cheerleading Classic and qualify for the challenging final. Winning the silver medal truly showcased the team’s perseverance and talent in cheerleading creativity and technical proficiency.

The Stamford Youth Foundation’s mission is to make a variety of programs and services like the All Star Cheer Squad accessible to children living in the Stamford area. The organization achieves this goal by linking resources together for the youngsters in a variety of ways. “By investing in kids, the SYF empowers them to develop a healthy and strong character with a strong sense of community connection and involvement,” explains Hague. “Additionally, every aspect of the SYF leads toward effectively motivating children to help them achieve their personal best.”

Donators like Des Hague are proud of all the hard work the Stamford Youth Foundation’s All Star Cheer Squad has put in toward this great success and honor. The help from companies, executives, and community members has played an important role in the victory. By contributing to programs like the SYF Cheer Squad, Hague and his peers are also investing in the young people of the region. Making this investment means that everyone can witness the positive development toward the future leaders of this country – in Stamford and beyond.

Des Hague is a globally recognized corporate executive with expertise in both, public and private sectors, and a demonstrated an unprecedented level of excellence in leading companies into growth and success. Hague has continually showcased his talent as a business leader, most recently during his 5-year tenure as President and CEO with North American hospitality firm Centerplate. Prior to that, Hague worked as President of IHOP, and President and General Manager of Perishables for grocery conglomerate Safeway. Beyond his professional work, Hague has continued to focus a large part of his career on supporting the nonprofit sector. Thanks to his efforts, over $100 million in charitable donations were raised and distributed across a large scope of nonprofits, including the Stamford Youth Foundation.

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