Des Hague of OHLEsport Proud to Launch OHLEsport Kids Future Fund

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The OHLEsport Kids Future Fund to strengthen at-risk and underserved youth in the communities served by The OHLE

Des Hague, Hague Enterprises CEO and Co-Founder (, a Colorado-based equity investment and executive advisory company, and Chairman of the Board of OHLEsport, and OHLEsport President, Justin J. Rose, proudly announce the start of the OHLEsport Kids’ Future Fund. Denver-based OHLEsport ( is the creator of The OHLE, a revolutionary soccer skills development system. The OHLEsport Kids’ Future Fund has the sole purpose of strengthening at-risk and underserved youth to find ways to a brighter future.

"OHLEsport is a brand that is good for the body but we are also deeply committed to doing good for the communities we serve and work in," stated Hague. “We are looking forward to working with civic leaders across the country in our mission to do good," concluded Hague.

OHLEsport is working closely with FUNDING ONE’S FREEDOM (, a social enterprise which partners with businesses and people to raise funds needed to inspire at-risk and underserved youth through engagement in the international world of soccer.

“The OHLE is a training aid for every child to take control of his or her life by setting goals, reaching their dreams and creating a bright future… in body, mind and sport. The OHLEsport Kids’ Future Fund allows OHLEsport to give back and help assure those that do not have the means… still have the opportunity to succeed,” said Rose.

About OHLEsport
Colorado-based OHLEsport, Inc. is dedicated to the advanced training of soccer enthusiasts. After years of development, OHLEsport launched The OHLE, the ultimate soccer development program, that helps every soccer player to develop the ‘first touch’, which is the most important part of any soccer player's skills. In the past, the first touch on the soccer ball was very time consuming and a difficult skill to teach and learn. Now with The OHLE, one can teach and learn proper passing techniques, accurate traps and quick touch moves along with team drills.

About Hague Enterprises
Hague Enterprises, LLC is a Colorado-based advisory and investment company, focused in multiple sectors. The firm provides business advisory services, expansion, start-up and turn around venture capital investment opportunities, executive mentorship, consulting and leadership development programs led by the firm’s preeminent business thought leaders.

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