Des Hague of Froozer Gears up for Growth

Froozer Expands Team with New Lead of Product Innovation

Des Hague, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Froozer®, the fast-growing, innovative Colorado-based whole fruit and vegetable frozen snack company, announced today the hiring of James D. Mosbaugh as Lead of Product Innovation at the newly opened Froozer Innovation Lab in Tampa, FL. In this role, he will be working closely with the Froozer Health and Wellness Council to develop new products that meet Froozer’s goal of being the healthiest and tastiest snack available on the US market to date and into the future.

“Our goal is to be at the cutting edge of innovation while leading on health, wellness and nutritional value,” said Des Hague and continued, “equally important is creating a deliciously tasty product which is at all times our key focus. We want our products to be the best on health and at the same time extreme in taste and nutrition. That is the goal of our innovation and creation agenda,” concluded Hague.

Mosbaugh has over 20 years of industry experience and has extensive expertise in formulation chemistry, product development, intellectual property and regulatory oversight. Jim has been instrumental in the development of Froozer products and technology since the initial patent filing in 2003, and has been helping the founders develop and improve the Froozer technology for over 13 years.

Previously, Mosbaugh founded BioTectics, LLC, a technical consulting firm that provides product development services across food/functional food, personal care/cosmetic and OTC drug/API sectors. He co-developed and successfully patented a natural and green line of antimicrobial ingredients for cosmetics and foods. Prior to BioTectics, Mosbaugh was Vice President of Calgenex Corporation, a nutraceutical and personal care products company developing products and therapies for the cardiovascular market.

Mosbaugh began his career at All Natural Botanicals where he was ultimately Technical Director for the mid-sized contract manufacturer of personal care, cosmetic, and dietary supplement products.

“The investment in our state of the art, allergen free and organic certified manufacturing facility and the Froozer Innovation Center clearly illustrates the confidence and dedication Froozer has to bring the healthiest and tastiest whole food products to market,” stated Mosbaugh. “To work with a company whose mission statement is to create only healthy, natural, whole food products is truly an honor,” concluded Mosbaugh.

Mosbaugh is inventor or co-inventor on 4 U.S. patents ranging from industrial products, natural, plant derived antimicrobial ingredients to antimicrobial therapies for humans and animals.

He holds a B.S. degree in Biology from the University of South Florida, Tampa, and is an active member of the Natural Products Association and Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

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