Derma Roller Blu-Care 3 in 1 Announces the Release of a New Microneedling Kit

This kit contains three roller heads to allow the user to treat different parts of the body with ease, Blurad explains

Derma Roller Blu-Care 3 in 1 announces the release of their 3 in 1 derma roller kit that comes complete with three roller heads. The different heads ensure users can treat multiple parts of the body for the price of one roller, as opposed to finding the need to buy multiple devices of this type. All roller heads make use of medical grade microneedles to ensure the optimal results also. The small needles prick the skin to generate the production of new collagen and skin tissue. As a result, the user finds their skin is smoother, more toned, and firmer.

"Those who choose to use the microneedle roller find there is no pain when doing so. The high needle packing density helps to ensure the desired results, as this model features 362 needles per square inch. Many individuals are now choosing to try microneedling to look and feel younger, and our kit makes it easy to do so from the comfort of one's own home," Blurad explains.

The 1200 micro-needle roller head is ideal for plane body parts, such as the cheek, forehead, belly, and arms. Individuals who plan to use the roller on the nose, chin or fingers, however, should use the 600 micro-needle roller head. Reserve the 180 micro-needle roller head for small body parts and any areas that are sensitive, like under the nose and around the eye and lips. Thanks to the push-to-release button found on the device, installing and removing the different heads takes no time at all.

"Be sure to use the clear plastic protective case for the roller heads when not in use, as this helps to protect the sharpness of the needles. Once you see how amazing this device is, you'll want to use it regularly. However, the best results can only be obtained when the needles are cared for properly, and our kit ensures you have everything needed to keep them in excellent shape," Blurad continues.

Microneedling can be of help in addressing a number of skin conditions. This includes wrinkles, large pores, and scars, and the treatment is minimally invasive. A person has no downtime and the only side effects tend to be slight irritation and redness in the treated area for a few days following use of the roller. Once the redness and irritation fade, users find the skin has more elasticity, the tone has evened out, and blemishes are minimized.

"Before treating any area, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry the skin. Use alcohol to sterilize the roller and then rinse it off. Apply medium pressure and roll the desired area four or five times. After treatment, be sure to apply a serum or vitamin, as the skin allows for maximum absorption at this time. Finish up by cleaning the roller with alcohol, rinsing and drying it, and then storing the unit in the protective case. It's that easy and you are certain to love the results," Blurad explains.

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Derma Roller Blu-Care 3 in 1 Roller is manufactured by Blurad and provides users with firmer, smoother skin.

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