Deregulated Energy Marketplace: Premium Power Energy Risk Management Strategies

Monson, MA -- In its role as a sales and marketing arm for Co-Action IQ, Premium Power has positioned itself to provide competitive pricing in the energy markets through a variety of suppliers. Leveraging the extensive experience of industry veteran and Co-Action IQ owner, Bill Thibodeau, the company can offer its clients a long-term energy risk management strategy they can rely on.

With twelve years of experience as a senior energy economist, Thibodeau provides industry know-how that is measurable on a national scale. Contracted by the federal government to create an index for energy deregulation, he also was immersed in work with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Adding to these credentials, Thibodeau was the USAID Economic Advisor to Liberia and has been actively involved in projects managing and identifying energy assets and liabilities in both the public and private sectors.

Other notable Thibodeau credentials include 12 years as a Senior Energy Economist for the Bush Administration creating a consumer price index for the Deregulation of Energy across the country. Mr. Thibodeau has also been employed at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index and the Industrial Price Index (IPI) where he specialized in Tariff deconstruction for energy, manufacturing and industry utilization rates. Further, he has written the energy data collection practice manual (DCM) and the data collection quality manual (DCQM) for Electricity.

Premium Power's differentiating characteristic in the marketplace exists with its one-on-one relationship approach to customer service. This unique strength offers a stark contrast from its competitors who take a traditional account assignment approach which often results in impersonal customer service and a lack of understanding of customer needs and requirements.

Co-Action IQ takes a comprehensive approach that helps its customer base understand the energy marketplace. They offer a free turnkey procurement process with zero upfront costs or need to hire internal resources. These guidelines are applicable within all company departments thereby ensuring a smooth transition to and through the procurement process for everyone involved. Information and contracts are accessible via a secure web portal available to its clients 24/7.

Premium Power knows there are numerous benefits for businesses who understand what it means to operate within a deregulated energy marketplace. These benefits are realized through a comprehensive process involving one-on-one interpersonal communication with a company expert knowledgeable in specific economic sectors. The sectors currently enjoying such benefits include but are not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, education and public municipalities.

About Premium Power

Premium Power is a sales division of Co-Action IQ that helps client organizations understand the opportunities that exist in a deregulated energy marketplace. These opportunities lead to efficiencies and cost savings without risk or obligation. Further, the company supports the mandates of Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

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