Dentist Portland Practice Celebrates 25 Years of Experience

Uptown Family Dental offers the benefit of its experience and cutting-edge technology in treating patients of all ages. Modern dentistry focuses on prevention and the philosophy of the practice is dedicated to preventing dental disease

Uptown Family Dental and Dr. David Wiley DMD are pleased to announce that the dentist Portland professional team has reached the milestone of a quarter century in practice. The practice operates on the premise that modern dentistry is focused on prevention of dental disease. They believe that prevention is the key factor in optimal oral health. Patients are encouraged to be proactive about their dental treatment. When concerns are identified and addressed early, the dental team can recommend less costly and more conservative concerns early. Patients enjoy the benefit of long-lasting, beautiful dental restorations.

Preventative care, like other dental procedures, includes a number of practices. Some of the most notable include regular dental cleaning, dental exams and dental sealants. For some patients, fluoride treatment is applied to protect the surface of the teeth. When there are indications of gum disease, treatment can take several forms. Periodontal exams are also helpful in preventing more serious dental conditions.

A range of cosmetic procedures is available to patients of the dental office. Some of the techniques utilized to improve appearance and renovate the smile include dental bonding, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Restorative dentistry includes the creation of dental crowns and dental implants, useful in ensuring a natural looking smile. Fillings and root canals are also used in instances where restorative measures are required.

Increasingly, dentists are making use of advances in dental technology. Some of the technological advances used by Uptown include digital x-rays, 3-D imaging, dental lasers and microscopic dentistry. These tools help to identify potential problems much earlier than has been possible in the past. For patients who are concerned with pain during the procedures, the dental practice offers products and techniques which help to limit pain during the procedures. Sedation dentistry methods include conscious oral sedation, IV sedation and nitrous oxide.

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