Dental SEO Marketing Company Crawford and O’Brien Breaks SEO Record

Crawford and O'Brien is one of the best dental marketing companies out there, and they recently announced that they have a 100% success rate ranking clients on Google for dental SEO marketing service. Many dentists have tried a variety of marketing techniques, only to be left desiring more from their online presence. Others have a website or social media profile, but lack the number of page hits or type of exposure that would increase their customer base. For many dentists, this is a common reality considering they are not as acquainted with marketing themselves, as they are working with patients in a dental chair. However, working with a dental SEO marketing company will help elevate them to the top of search engine sites and also increase their overall online presence. There are a variety of dental SEO marketing companies out there, but these are some common traits that dentists should be looking for.

Proven Returns

There are a lot of companies out there which promise businesses an increased online presence. However, technically just five extra views on a page per month is considered “an increase.” Dthaentists shouldn't be looking for a handful of views on their page, but rather they should be looking for hundreds, if not thousands more. The marketing strategists at Crawford and O'Brien often maximize their clients online presence by more than 10,000%. Those are the type of numbers that can greatly change the outlook for a dental office that is struggling to gain customers. To learn more about dental SEO, visit

Engaging Website

Dentists who want to get themselves to the top of the SEO listings need to make sure that people are going to a site that is engaging and worth seeing. After all, if a website is just plain text and limited functionality, people won't be spending much time on the site to begin with. Having a high converting desktop and mobile site will help dentists with their dental SEO marketing strategy. And if done correctly –such as using forms for contact info on their site- then dentists can usually land new customers without them even stepping foot in the office.

Maximize The Reputation

Another way to increase a dental SEO presence is by simply being in more places on the Internet. This typically includes testimonial and review websites that talk about dental services. Having a strong presence by keeping customers happy will further a dentist's online marketability, and this will have better results in the future. Dental SEO marketing techniques shouldn't just be concerned with a personal website, but instead with everything that the practice does online. There is no escaping the importance of marketing a company. Failure to market will often mean the inability to bring in new customers and clients, which could have disastrous results for the practice. Instead, consider relying on a dental SEO marketing company that can help increase an online presence and bring in new customers.

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