Dental Hygienist Support Amazing: Reveals Smile Perfected

Smile Perfected has pledged continued gratitude, support and thanks to dental hygienists for their enthusiastic support of their in-office whitening system, and has revealed plans to pay it forward.

The Smile Perfected Whitening System has been making waves in the oral care services industry by turning Dentists and practice managers into fans (at the pace of a zombie outbreak) - not looking to slow down, the company has issued a statement in praise of the dental hygienists who they say have been, "the keystone" of their products success in the dental office.

"Hygienists are so crucial to the relationship with the patient and play such an important role, it's hard not to thank them enough for what they do," stated Dr. William Balanoff, founder and CEO, adding "we've been growing like gang-busters and it's in large part due to our partnered hygiene teams being so awesome!"

A successful dental practice stands on the shoulders of their office team according to the company. When the patient arrives, their experience is founded upon the caring and friendly front office personnel, dental assistants and hygiene staff, and great hygienists should be valued immensely.

In the case of Smile Perfected, the reaction from hygienists working in partnered offices has left them humbled and grateful. Dr. Balanoff shared, "The support we've seen from hygienists has been amazing. We've got a product which gives patients a powerful post-prophy whitening without pain or sensitivity, and they get it."

The best hygiene teams know ending a prophy visit with Smile Perfected is an ideal way to increase patient satisfaction and ethically increase hygiene revenue for the office. The patients get a more powerful whitening because of the removal of the pellicle layer on the surface of the teeth, in just 20 minutes.

"It's a perfect match. Hygienists love Smile Perfected, and we love Hygienists," added Dr. Balanoff, "we can't thank our fans in hygiene enough, and we will continue to send surprises as a gesture of gratitude and thanks."

The company is considering additional means of giving back to the oral care hygiene community in an effort to encourage and support hygienist professionals.

The Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System offers a powerful means for oral care practice owners to provide whitening treatment more effective than at-home whitening strips but without the pain & sensitivity commonly caused by traditional treatments.

The treatment doesn't require extended chair times and was designed to be performed by the hygienist, freeing up the doctor to see the next patient. It provides small dental practices a means of ethically increasing hygiene revenues and patient satisfaction - it's no wonder patients and practice owners love it.

About Smile Perfected:
Smile Perfected was established in 2014 by Dr. William Balanoff. Dental products include the Smile Perfected 20 Minute Whitening System™, designed to fit seamlessly into an offices current patient process after a prophy. Imagine a patient getting a quick, noticeably whiter smile with a non-invasive dental service… no drilling, no shots… just whiter teeth in 20 minutes. To learn more:

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