Dennis Hegstad Shares His Journey of Co-Founding LiveRecover SMS Marketing App for Shopify

LiveRecover, an SMS marketing app for Shopify, contacts, engages and converts abandoned carts into sales, simply through text messages.

Dennis Hegstad, the co-founder of LiveRecover, is creating buzz with the launch of the new company and the success it has gained in this short while. LiveRecover, an SMS marketing app for Shopify, contacts, engages and converts abandoned carts into sales, simply through text messages.

LiveRecover is unique in its operation. The company follows up with all its customers manually. Every customer receives a real-time reply as they help them convert the abandoned cart into a sale. LiveRecover works on behalf of the client, saving them the effort of dealing directly with customers. The company’s live agents contact the client’s customers all seven days a week, from 8 am-9 pm, according to their time zones.

“Recovering abandoned cart sales using live agents through text message has never been this easy. LiveRecover feels like an extension of my support team”, says Ashwin Sokke of WOW Skin Science.

Dennis found himself becoming involved in e-commerce much before he started LiveRecover. In 2003, he got sponsored to play Counter-Strike full-time, which introduced him to the e-commerce industry. He later started his apparel brand on MySpace in 2008.

“I had like maybe 9 million followers on Twitter after a couple of years. So, from that, I built up a website that became a viral blog. Within the first 90 days, we did 30 million unique and 250-million-page impressions. We were monetizing through AdSense. From that, then we built up a marketplace, started onboarding influencers and built that into a business. I kind of left eCommerce behind for a bit”, says Dennis Hegstad in an interview with

In 2017, Dennis got back into the e-commerce game after securing a consulting job with Fashion Nova. He soon felt it was time to start his own business with full-time employees. Six months after leaving Fashion Nova, Dennis founded LiveRecover. He began building the company with his co-founder, and today, his efforts and dedication have paid off.

“We’ve been doing that for about a little over two years or two and a half years now. And we have, I think, nine or ten thousand merchants installed in our app at this point. I mean, we’re not actively servicing 10,000 merchants, but that’s how many have come and gone”, says Dennis, speaking of the history of the company.

Dennis Hegstad and his co-founder have created LiveRecover to work on a personal basis, giving the customer a unique experience when interacting with them. Dennis’s foresight and ambition for the company have instilled its growth. Now with a team of full-time professionals, LiveRecover will continue to expand its horizons.
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