Deitch and Perone Broadcasts New Jersey's Low Divorce Rate

Attorneys rigorously defend those who find their marriage is unable to work.

New Jersey proudly promotes the fact that their state continues to have the lowest divorce rate in the country, with less than nine percent of adults in the state divorced, according to the United States Census Bureau. Although this number is very low, certain residents of the state may find they wish to obtain a new jersey divorce at some time in the future. "When this is the case, an attorney experienced in divorce in NJ will be essential to ensure the rights of each party are protected," Deitch and Perone, attorneys at law, declare.

The attorneys at Deitch and Perone work to get clients answers on a wide variety of issues, be they financial, legal or psychological as they understand a divorce is very stressful. According to Deitch and Perone, clients shouldn't find they need to contact a number of professionals to obtain help. The attorney representing the client needs to assist wherever possible as the client has enough to deal with during this difficult time.

In addition, an experienced divorce attorney examines the facts of the case to determine the correct grounds for divorce as this must be established before a divorce will be granted. Appropriate reasons include habitual drug addiction or drunkenness, imprisonment, deviant sexual misconduct and desertion. "The party requesting the divorce lists the grounds in the complaint, the legal document filed with the court. Correct information in this document helps to ensure the divorce isn't delayed on technical grounds," Deitch and Perone explain.

After the complaint is filed, the parties must complete certain steps, some of which are unique to the state of New Jersey. When children are involved, parents must attend a Parent's Education Program, and both parties must attend an Early Settlement Panel date. During this meeting, the parties meet with matrimonial attorneys to try to resolve the case before it goes to trial.

"New Jersey works to keep the divorce process as friendly as possible, offering the above mentioned programs along with economic mediation, a case management conference and more. A divorce case doesn't have to go to trial, and the attorneys at Deitch and Perone work to avoid court when possible. In the event the case must go before a judge, be aware that the rights of the client will be rigorously defended at all times as each client deserves nothing less," Deitch and Perone proclaim.

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Deitch and Perone brings more than 30 years of experience to each legal case they take on, working to resolve differences fairly and amicably through the use of constructive communication, while injured parties receive hope for the future. Areas of practice include family, divorce and collaborative law, personal injury, real estate, probate/estate, and workers compensation. The attorneys at Deitch and Perone recognize that each client comes with their own circumstances and needs and works to establish trusting relationships built on integrity and professional service.

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