Degaussing Data Drives to DoD Standards – Proton Data Security Makes it Possible

“How to wipe a hard drive safely and effectively?” It’s a common question that all computer owners face. Proton Data Security degaussers and data security products enable businesses and organizations to do both.

According to announcements released by Proton Data Security and Ryan Lobo, their company, with more than 30 years’ experience in the data security industry, is the world’s leading manufacturer of degaussers, destroyers, shredders, and related accessories.

The company fully understands the pressing need for ensuring data security and preventing data leaks. To that end, its products are manufactured to meet or exceed NSA and DoD standards. U.S government organizations use degaussing tools and other products manufactured by Proton Data Security to ensure the safety of classified documents.

Proton Data Security serves businesses all over the world. Popular markets where its products sell the most include defense, healthcare, financial services, legal, insurance, and education.

Degaussing is the safest and most powerful technique to wipe data off personal computers or servers that store personal and sensitive information. Proton Data Security manufactures degaussers that wipe data from hard disks and other magnetic media. This allows businesses to maintain compliance with government regulations. When combined with shredders and crushers, degaussers enable the secure destruction of data. Once the degaussers and shredders/crushers have done their job on media storage devices, there’s absolutely no chance of a hacking or an unintended data leak occurring.

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Explaining the reasons for the company’s growth and success, Ryan Lobo said, “We understand the risks of incorrect data destruction methods, that’s why we make products that adhere to NSA and DoD standards. We are committed to data destruction. That’s why our machinery is not only accurate in destruction, but it’s also designed for easy use. Not all businesses are alike. Chat with us, and we can help determine your specific security needs in regards to security laws.”

Stressing the importance of degaussing as an effective technique for data removal, Ryan said, “Decommissioning hard disks can prove complex because of the combination of environmental and data protection standards involved. Hard drive disposal is not as simple as hitting a hard drive with a hammer or a screwdriver. However, degaussers simplify the data destruction process. Organizations that invest in a degausser on-site can maintain a chain of custody with relative ease. From there, using a shredder makes physical destruction easier, leaving scrap available for collection and proper disposal. In conclusion, clearly documented data destruction processes supported by the right hardware can simplify an office move and keep data safe.”

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