DeFi City Gamifies Your Yield Farming

Yield Farming is interesting, but not easy. The DeFi City project will help you master this craft with ease and playfulness. Besides the fun, you will also be able to make money. Read the article on how the platform works.

DeFi City is a browser-based virtual world where users can build beautiful interactive cities and manage and monitor their farms across many different chains and protocols in a gamified and engaging way. 

The game will allow users to provide liquidity, borrow, lend, stake, unstake, and harvest their farming yields across different DeFi platforms with a single click — directly from their city. 

Project's ultimate goal is to make the yield-farming experience feel seamless by minimizing the number of authentication steps required to stake, unstake, provide liquidity, harvest, and so on.

To begin playing the game, the players will have to purchase and open Golden Scrolls to obtain a unique city. The Golden Scrolls are NFTs that can be bought with DeFi City’s native token DFC and can either be opened to obtain a city or sold to other players on the open market. 

Each Golden Scroll will grant the player who opens it a randomly selected city with unique properties, including different cosmetics and opportunities for random token and NFT airdrops. Moreover, opening a Golden Scroll will burn part of the DFC tokens used to purchase it, thus deflating the total token supply.

DeFi City will also have an in-game shop where users will be able to buy different cosmetics, staking boosters, and other visual items in the form of NFTs using DFC tokens. The DFC tokens used in the DeFy City Shop will also be burned.
It is worth saying that the DeFi City project also partnered up with notorious crypto YouTubers and created in-game statues, visually representing the personalities. These statues can be sold as NFTs or used for boosting staking rewards inside the game.

Join the project by supporting it with DFC tokens, and stay tuned to the news so you do not miss out on important project events.

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