DEEPSTAKES Blockchain Summit 2020

This upcoming event is going to be one of the largest blockchain summit in Asia; organized by DEEPSTAKES (largest masternode operator of Velas in Asia).

‘DEEPSTAKES Blockchain Summit 2020’ will be held in Macau, China in August, 2020.

There will be more than 5000 global blockchain elites and influencers together with VELAS communities joining the event. The key objective of the event is to discuss on the future development of financial technology (FinTech), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

This upcoming event is going to be one of the largest blockchain summit in Asia; organized by DEEPSTAKES (largest masternode operator of Velas in Asia). The event will last for 3 days and 2 nights which will comprises of an intensive training session, short local tour, and the conference.

VELAS (Virtual Expanding Leaning Autonomous System), is AI-operated DPoS Blockchain for secure, interoperable, extremely scalable transactions and smart contracts. The Velas blockchain uses neural networks optimized by artificial intelligence to enhance its consensus algorithm, which maintains decentralization, stability and security. Through the use of intelligent AI-operated DPoS consensus algorithm, corruptible human dependencies are significantly removed and resulting in a fault-tolerance system which can prevent most major issues like the ‘51% attack’ and ‘nothing-at-stake’ problem. Velas is backed by the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency payment platform and wallet, COINPAYMENTS. Thru the conversion of CPS token to VLX token, which completed in July 2019, it is now gradually integrating the ecology of Velas with their existing 3 million users.

Deepstakes CEO, William Martin, also mentioned that the conference will focus on the future of artificial intelligence blockchain application particularly in government sector and public domain governance, the development of cryptocurrency, investment opportunities in decentralize finance technology and discussion on the current global economic issues.

He will also conduct a discussion with 6 blockchain experts to discuss on the decentralize finance technology, future development of capital market and the trend of artificial intelligence development. The founder of Velas, Alex Alexandrov, will also be invited to participate as a speaker of this conference. At the same time, there will also be a launching ceremony of the first DeFi ecosystem DST(Deepstakes Token), which is a new project launch on the Velas chain.

The major objective of this conference is to promote popularization of artificial intelligence blockchain in the public, and how the integration between blockchain and various industry will benefit both business and society. Deepstakes sincerely invites all blockchain enthusiasts to join the event and witness this technology that will upend the world of digital finance.

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