Debt Consolidation Launches to Make It Easier To Eliminate Debt With A Single Loan

New site creates streamlined application system whereby individuals can consolidate their debts quickly and easily.

With debt culture the focus of much uneasiness amongst the general public, the news is quick to point out how many people are struggling with debts from multiple sources, with interest rates pushing them over the poverty line as they are unable to make so many repayments on irresponsible levels of credit. Debt Consolidation Shop is a new service launched to make it easier than ever for individuals struggling with multiple lines of debt to consolidate these into a single, more affordable repayment.

The site uses a unique slider system for debt consolidation loans that allows individuals to simply approach the company with the total amount of their debt, their existing credit rating and the amount of time they wish to repay it over in order to very quickly find an estimate of how much their new repayment plan will be. They also offer mortgage deals, bridging loans and payment protection.

The site also has a contact sheet for individuals to provide basic information on their needs, whereupon they will be contacted by a customer service credit expert who will explain the options available and recommend consolidation plans based on individual circumstances.

A spokesperson for Debt Consolidation Shop explained, “Most unsecured lending like car finance, credit cards and store credit can be very high in interest, and difficult to pay on time every month. Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to consolidate all these debts into one monthly payment. Mrs Griffin from Devon saved over £700 per month on outgoings when consolidating 3 expensive credit cards. We require consolidation loans to be secured on the property, but this allows homeowners to achieve a lower APR, and over a far longer term. While in the long run the overall interest with a debt consolidation loan may even be slightly more expensive in some cases, it gives you far greater control over income and expenditure during the term, and that leverage can be crucial. Most crucially of all it makes the monthly repayments more affordable.”

About Debt Consolidation Shop: The Debt Consolidation Shop offers a single loan to enable individuals to get out of paying many individual loans with a significantly lower rate of repayment that takes place over a longer period of time, offering long term control over income and expenditure for individuals struggling to cope with their debts.

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