De Debt Launches To Help People Escape Payday Loan Debt Traps Through Consolidation

De Debt is a new website launched to help people access quality debt consolidation services that offers a real alternative for those overwhelmed by payday loan debts.

The debt culture is one that permeates almost all western developed nations, and multiple generations have been raised to buy now and pay later, despite interest rates meaning those individuals end up paying far more than they would have done originally. This has created a global economic meltdown which only seems to have exacerbated the problem, creating a new market for payday loans as people stretch to breaking point in order to make ends meet. De Debt ( is a new service that helps those caught in a debt spiral take control.

De Debt offers payday loan consolidation services (, and a wide range of knowledge and resources on debt relief, debt counseling, settlement and management as well as interest rate arbitration. With key facts on bankruptcy and debt relief, they engage individuals in a frank, plain English discussion of their circumstances in order to advise them as to the best strategy.

For many this is debt settlement and consolidation, in which a large portion of their debt is forgiven in exchange for an agreement to repay the rest in a single, manageable monthly amount. The company specializes in connecting individuals with providers who understand their needs and can provide solutions tailored to their circumstances.

A spokesperson for De Debt explained, “Payday loans have caught many people in debt spirals, and consolidation is the best means by which to get out of that spiral and take control, without having to declare bankruptcy or lose a home in the process. Individuals can bring rampant debt under control using a series of strategic approaches, but only if they know these approaches are open to them. We therefore take our responsibility seriously to offer knowledge, support and independent advice in order to help people make the right decisions for their financial future.”

About De Debt:
De Debt is an internet based agent that matches clients up with service providers who offer debt consolidation, debt reduction services and debt management solutions that will enable a person to get rid of a large portion of certain debts. They create a realistic plan for paying off the remainders of the debts in question and learn how to create a reasonable budget.

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