De Bousquet PC Helped Woman Fired Over Pregnancy Win Human Rights Case

De Bousquet PC Barristers & Solicitors helped a Georgetown woman win her human rights employment case after being fired by her employer for being pregnant.

Toronto, ON – Specializing in employment law, workplace discrimination, wrongful dismissal, and human rights issues, Toronto employment law firm, De Bousquet PC Barristers & Solicitors helped a Georgetown, Ontario woman win her human rights case after she was fired for being pregnant. What makes this case unique was the fact, the employer terminated the employee upon learning the employee was pregnant.
According to Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet, “This was the first time we came across a situation where the employee disclosed to her employer she was pregnant and was almost, immediately terminated. Normally, an employee will terminated after she leaves on maternity leave, and/or let go because the employer will allege the reason for the termination is due to the restructuring of the company.”
For 27-year old Yvette Wratten, her case began in September 2013, with her termination. At that time, she had been employed for 18 months at the Georgetown Topper’s Pizza location. On September 14th, she was called into the store manager’s office, where Stephen Brown, the manager at that time, wanted to discuss her pregnancy.
According to Ms. Wratten, “My manager said he had heard a rumour I was pregnant and wanted to know if it was true. After confirming I was indeed pregnant, he told me we would have to part ways, which I responded, was illegal, yet he simply smirked, and said he could terminate me. So I told him I would see him in court.”
Shortly thereafter Ms. Wratten retained the services of De Bousquet PC to represent her interests and legal rights, where the law firm was able to win her case, after almost two years of litigation. Ms. Wratten was awarded $20,000 by the courts for her injuries to her self-respect, dignity, and feelings. The court found the employer’s conduct was intentional and occurred at a time when Ms. Wratten was very vulnerable.
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