David Resnick & Associates Again Representing Lead Paint Poisoning Victims

Leading personal injury firm, with over $60 million in total awards, once again takes up the cause of those who suffer the debilitating effects of exposure to lead, David Resnick & Associates reports

Leading personal injury practice David Resnick & Associates, P.C., announced that the firm is once again taking on clients who have suffered from lead poisoning or related problems. With over $60 million in damages awarded to clients, David Resnick & Associates is one of the country's top personal injury specialists, and founder David Resnick is an especially experienced and successful lead paint poisoning lawyer. Although lead was banned from use as a paint additive in 1978 in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 4 million American households today include children who regularly come into contact with such dangerous substances, with as many as a half a million of them showing signs of harmful exposure to lead.

"Decades since the developmental dangers that lead presents have become well-understood, exposure continues to plague many of the country's youngest and most vulnerable," Resnick stated, "Oftentimes, this issue is wholly preventable and the fault of those who cut corners or seek to hide the dangers, sometimes resulting in lifelong problems for children who fall prey to it. We at David Resnick & Associates stand ready to represent families and individuals who have suffered such senseless damage, and our strong record of success shows how capable we are of getting the job done."

Adults who are exposed to the metallic element lead, whether through incidental ingestion, aspiration, or other means, can suffer a variety of disconcerting and potentially dangerous short-term symptoms. As frightening as these incidents might be, children are much more vulnerable, with lead exposure directly inhibiting brain development and otherwise stacking the odds against their living up to their natural potential.

Most of these firm, scientific conclusions were established by the early 1970s, but the ubiquity of lead in everyday life made it difficult for authorities to shield the populace at a fell swoop. Instead, regulations were written that prohibited the further use of lead in a wide variety of products, from household paint to retail gasoline. These efforts undoubtedly prevented countless potential cases of lead exposure, but they also left large quantities of lead extant where it could continue to do harm.

Lead paint that was put up before the 1978 ban is one of the most pointed sources of this danger today. Even regular but incidental exposure can cause developmental problems in children, lowering IQ levels and inhibiting lifelong potential. Some children, sadly, continue to suffer even more acute exposure, with the results sometimes condemning them to lives of dependency or outright helplessness.

David Resnick & Associates, P.C, has been a leading force for obtaining the awards that those adversely affected in this way deserve. A David Resnick Lead Paint Poisoning Attorney individually reviews each case that is brought to the firm, providing free, no-obligation counsel regarding whether a basis for proceeding further exists. Those clients with worthy cases enjoy high rates of success as their claims are pushed forward by the firm, thanks to the high degrees of diligence and expertise that guide every such effort.

Those who suspect that exposure to lead in any form might have harmed them or their loved ones can learn more about the issues at the David Resnick & Associates, P.C., website. A simple, convenient form there also allows them to schedule free consultations, entirely without obligation. As the firm has just announced that it is once again representing clients who have suffered harmful exposure to lead, it is advised that those in this situation act quickly.

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