David B. Savage Announces New Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment

David B. Savage, a Canadian-based specialist in collaboration, negotiation and business development, announces a new Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment.

David B. Savage, a Canadian-based collaboration, negotiation and business development specialist, has announced a new Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment. The announcement is sure to be of interest to corporate and non-profit organizations in North America looking to improve their company culture and overall efficiency.

According to Savage, the Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment focuses on personal and group awareness, with particular reference to conflict situations. “In this time of political, social and business upheaval… with disruption, rejection, disengagement and wall-building, leaders are looking for better ways of working together,” said Savage. “The Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment allows executives to get beyond the barriers to collaboration, negotiation, innovation and success.”

360 Assessments have been actively used in the world of business for nearly two decades. These 360 Assessments are an effective tool in evaluating the performance of individual members of an organization.

Unlike other 360 Assessments, Savage’s brand new Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment focuses on the culture of the organization, rather than zeroing in on individual players. “The workplace is a culture, it’s a team,” said Savage. “Let’s look at the whole organization rather than focusing on individual pieces.” It’s an approach that has afforded him a healthy measure of renown and seems to set him apart from the competition.

Most 360 Assessments operate over a very short time period, typically a few months. According to Savage, the relative brevity has a hugely negative impact on their overall efficacy, and causes them to function more like a brief intervention – once the intervention is over, things inevitably slip back to their former positions and the recommended changes fail to be realized.

Savage advocates a different program. His assessments operate as an organic and ongoing process and can be carried along to work in service of a particular team indefinitely. The culture of positive change is, therefore, a permanent fixture of the team in question, which eliminates the natural tendency of a system to settle back into its natural state of inertia.

Savage explained that the key to his approach is in “focusing on values, performance, accountabilities, incentives, disincentives, and finding the gaps.” It’s a unique angle that appears to make his company stand out from others in the corporate consultancy field. The Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment is the world’s first program that gets organizations to work together better.

About David B. Savage

David B. Savage is one of the world’s foremost experts in improving negotiation, leadership, and collaboration. His 2016 book, ‘Break Through To Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration’, further serves leaders wishing to advance their skills and successes. Savage is also a professional speaker, coach, and business consultant. He arrived at his current field via a long career in the oil industry, subsequently working with teams in renewable energy, healthcare, entrepreneurship and business development fields. Thanks to considerable experience and expertise built up over a 41-year period, he is uniquely placed to offer insightful advice to executives and their corporate and non-profit organizations, and his services are underpinned by a deep and fundamental understanding of group dynamics. In addition to Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessments, he offers coaching, consulting, webinars and workshops, as well as books, eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, videos and more. For more information on David B. Savage, visit davidbsavage.com or call 403-466-5577.

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