Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Addresses Concerns for Online Pharmacy Sales

From a business perspective, managing and expanding an online pharmaceutical business can be demanding.

Most individuals today expect that the internet will solve all problems, from finances, to shopping, and even now the desire to purchase medication without taking fingers off the keyboard. With its increasing penetration in developing countries, combined with the rise of the aging population and convenience of acquiring necessary medication without leaving the house, the internet is driving the growth of the global ePharmacy market, which is forecasted to reach $128 billion in 2023. However, selling drugs online is a very delicate endeavor and involves a number of obstacles. Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, the largest and most innovative pharmacy in the Parkland region in the Canadian province of Manitoba, explains the challenges associated with the latter.

From a business perspective, managing and expanding an online pharmaceutical business can be demanding. An online pharmacy needs to fully comply with the legislations issued by the authorities of the regions where it dispenses drugs from, while acting in accordance with the laws of the regions where it delivers drugs to. With each country having their own rules regarding ePharmacy, most online pharmacies operate at a district or national level, since expansion requires multiple licenses and complying with various regulations. Transportation is another hurdle. Some drugs require to stay cold, while others lose their effectiveness or become dangerous if frozen. Depending on geography, more physical pharmacies are required to be built and maintained, to properly store and transport drugs without the risk of ruining them in the process, than otherwise cost-effective.

From a customer perspective, having access to a wide array of medications available 24/7, at an estimated 10% lower price, is an immense convenience, particularly for the elderly, disabled or housebound. However, as noted by Myles Haverluck, the manager of Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, the risk of running into an illicit pharmacy when shopping for drugs online poses a hazard to customers, since distinguishing a counterfeit or unapproved product requires certain knowledge. According to data provided by LegitScript, a verification and monitoring service for online pharmacies, there are an estimated 35,000 websites selling medications globally. Of these, 4% are operating in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the regions they do business in, while 96%, either fully or partially, fail to act in accordance with the jurisdictions of their respective countries. In this regard, improving public pharmaceutical education is a top priority for governments, medical businesses and academic institutions to arm customers with the means to identify an elicit pharmacy and avoid its services.

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is the largest and most innovative pharmacy of the Parkland area in the province of Manitoba, Canada. With eight experienced pharmacists and a dedicated team of technicians, the pharmacy provides a wide array of professional services, emphasizing convenience and customer care. Being a highly efficient and trustworthy supplier of over-the-counter, prescription and herbal medication, Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy provides customers with detailed information on various drugs, common diseases and alternate therapies.

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