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Big data has four characters: volume, variety, velocity and value.

Bigdata is a new product of the rapid development of Internet, especially the rise of mobile Internet and the growing popularization of mobile terminal equipment which has made the Internet stride into the era of big data. There’s a very interesting phenomenon: in the era of 2G mobile network, generally mobile phones are only equipped with around 8G of storage, but for now we stepped into the era of 5G mobile network, the regular storage of mobile phones has risen to 512G. This phenomenon laterally reflects that human society is speeding up their pace to step into the era of big data with the the continuous growth of Internet data.

Big data has four characters: volume, variety, velocity and value.

According to prediction of International Data Corporation(abbreviated to IDC in the following article), the relevant revenue of global big data market will achieve $312.67 billion In 2023, which increases about 30% on the basis of the existing market scale.

A hundred billion dollar market has brought forth many big data Unicorn enterprises. In 2019, Hurun Report released the ranking list of Unicorn enterprises in the global big data industry in which Palantir Technologies ranked the first with a market value of $15 billion. The market value of the top ten companies has accumulated more than 30 billion US dollars and is still growing rapidly.

Meanwhile, data is indispensable figure of new application field of Internet blockchain industry. From the original currency payment design of Bitcoin, to the smart contract application of Ethereum, to the storage of IPFS, the blockchain composed of distributed ledgers holds a huge data market in behind. To a certain extent, we can also refer blockchain as data chain.

Data is one of the foundations of the Internet, and meanwhile one of the foundations of the blockchain. In the development of blockchain in the last decade, almost all blockchain projects are concerned with technical performance and commercialization of technology application. People only gradually face up to the application value of blockchain data until the appearance of IPFS.

Referring to the development process of traditional Internet big data, it is reasonable to think that blockchain will eventually form the era of big data, and the blue ocean of blockchain big data will soon appear.

Pioneer of Big Data Blue Ocean & Blockchain——DataShop

Datashop ( is a blockchain-based decentralized platform in which everyone can upload, retrieve and trade data.
Compared to centralized big data business, decentralized big data has certain advantages. The traditional big data platform is a limited data controlled by a certain company or individual. The platform widely collects users' relevant behaviors to form a data center, for example, Amazon's data center.

As a decentralized project, the first thing DataShop needs to do is to establish a data trading platform based on blockchain, in which anyone or organization can publish data and at the same time, any person or organization can retrieve and trade data. The platform mainly includes the following participants:
DataShop: interoperable blockchain / smart contract layer(reference implementation based on Substrate);

Dataspace:distributed storage layer(reference implementation based on IPFS and Filecoin Internet);

Council:Management Council, whose main task is to examine and verify the compliance of data and resolve disputes among users uploading data. At the same time, the Council will keep user's service fee and decide how to use it to promote the development of the platform.

It can be commonly understood that DataShop is to establish a decentralized data trading center which mainly serves the blockchain industry. You can use the platform for data transaction whether you are an individual user or a project or an organization while these data will be stored on the Filecoin network with the help of IPFS protocol.

The designer will establish a complete set of supply and demand and management system on the DataShop. In this system, a management council will be established in the form of DAO which we called it Council for the moment. It is the key to the whole credit system.

In addition to hosting the transaction between the supplier and the demander, the Council will also mediate and arbitrate the disputes arising from the transaction which might involve a lot of complex off chain behaviors. The Council will lead a third-party authority or even make adjudication through community voting if necessary.

As a blockchain platform, DataShop naturally can't do without the existence of Token. DataShop will issue a platform Token named DS, which might run through the transaction behavior of the entire DataShop platform. DS payment can be used for whether data transaction payment, voting, contract creation, or transaction fees.

DataShop Internet will eventually adopt consensus governance based on POS like mechanism, whose core is the proof of rights and interests. One vote and one public opinion can reasonably guarantee the fairness and effectiveness of governance on the chain and this mechanism has been proven in the industry for a long time.Users directly or indirectly mortgage DS to obtain the same governance rights. In this governance process, mortgage contributors will also get corresponding DS incentives.

Public chain and cross chain technology just got emerged in the present, the problem of data island can still be seen everywhere and will become more prominent with the further development of the industry. The design of DataShop is to lay out the industry in advance before the problems are exposed. It aims to attract thousands of projects and users to join in and become the leading data service provider in the cross chain era while air outlet coming.

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