DataForSEO Announces Release of Google Live SERP API has announced the recent releas of Google Live SERP API allowing software developers to get search results within a few seconds

It can take up to 20 minutes to fetch results from the typical SERP API queue; however, with the new Google Live SERP API introduced by DataForSEO, SEO software developers can receive search results within just a few seconds. The API that has been released is able to deliver results in real time providing the highest quality results possible.

“When you use our SERP API from DataForSEO, you have access to real-time results,” stated DataForSEO spokesperson Nick Chernets. “If you want to simplify the registration process and attract more customers you can utilize the rank tracking feature from our new tool. You can also opt to provide users with limited results (like the top 10, for example) without requiring them to register and to lock up the remainder of the results behind the registration wall.”

DataForSEO has effectively boosted the speed of complex SEO software solutions. If clients have utilized a more complex SEO tool that uses several different DataForSEO APIs then there is a good chance that it takes a while to achieve the final result. By minimizing the results delivery time for the core API in a system, there’s a boost in the speed for the entire platform.

“The new system is designed to help ensure that you can provide the highest quality results, regardless of the needs of the clients,” continued Chernets. “It doesn’t matter if you want to improve the rank tracking tool that you are currently using, or build a new one entirely from scratch, Live SERP API can provide great opportunities for any SEO software project, which is why we encourage you to give it a try today.”

More information about the new tool released by DataForSEO can be found by visiting the company’s website or by contacting the professional staff.


DataForSEO is an API specifically designed for SEO-software companies and agencies. The goal of this service provider is to help companies build their SEO-software perfectly. With a dedication to providing superior client satisfaction, this company is always offering innovative solutions for clients that want to utilize their services. The latest release is just another example of the tools and abilities of this company and what it has to offer interested clients to help them achieve the goals they have for specific SEO purposes.

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