Data Security Firm Smile Data Security Offers Robust Solutions To Businesses Against Ransomware Attacks

Smile Data Security places a smile on each clients’ face with scalable ransomware and encrypted data management solutions

Businesses cannot ignore the fact that data loss is a reality that can rarely be avoided today. Creating malware and ransomware threats has now become a genuine business which is now backed by well funded groups that use advanced technical tools and engineering skills to access secure networks and computer systems.

In a bid to curb the threat and reduce damages that harmful malware and ransomware can wreak, data security firm, Smile Data Security is offering robust solutions that can protect valuable business data from hackers. The company offers solutions that targets ransomware and prevents it from taking over and blocking access to important files unless victims pay a ransom to recover them.

Smile Data Security offers sustainable solutions that aid businesses in archiving mission critical data, keep sensitive customer information secure, and ensure their data complies with set regulations while maintaining business integrity. The firm ensures this by providing firewall modifications to keep evolving malware threats at bay, compatible monitoring services, automated backup systems, synchronisation between work stations, along with other services that can prevent data integrity from being compromised.

When asked about their suite of services and the type of ransomware they target, a spokesperson for the company had this to say, “We target two main types of ransomware. The first is encryption based and it is designed to block system files for a ransom. Victims have to pay that amount before they can get the encryption key that can unblock that content.

The second is locker based which literally locks the victim out of their operating system. Even though the files are not encrypted in this case the victims are still at the mercy of the hacker who locked them out of their systems. Our solutions have been created to take that power away from hackers by strengthening data backup systems and they can also recover lost data so that victims won’t have to pay the ransom at all. Our main aim is to nip the threat in the bud before it can do more damage such as covering up attacks victims might not be aware of.”

The firm is constantly updating its solutions to keep up with demand and evolving threats so that their clients’ data remains secure inside and outside the workplace. For more information about Smile Data Security and their offerings, visit the website at

About Smile Data Security Ltd.

Smile Data Security promises to place a smile on their clients’ faces by providing scalable storage and data encryption management solutions that can secure business intelligence. Their secure encryption system allows users to deliver content and attachments that can only be accessed by intended recipients. The company also provides a whole suite of solutions such as encryption services that can keep data secure irrespective of the device it is stored in.

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