Dark Analytics Market Estimated to Surpass $1.1 Billion Mark by 2026

Threats and Risks Associated With the Storage of Dark Data Propels the Growth of Dark Analytics Market.

The global Dark Analytics Market is estimated to surpass $1.1 billion mark by 2026 growing at an estimated CAGR of more than 24.1% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026. Dark Analytics refers to the use of “dark’ data to analyze and provide insights about customers, markets and organizations. Dark data refers the unused digital information. Consumers, employees and businesses provide information using various sources like social media, IOT, search results and financial transactions and so on.

Dark Analytics Market Segment Analysis - By Dimensions

Traditional unstructured data consists of think emails, messages, notes, documents, logs, notifications. They are text based and remain within the organisation. They are not used as they do not live in relational database, and tools required to leverage them do not exist. In these unstructured data, information on pricing, customer behaviour, and competitors are present that can be translated into data assets by multinational companies.

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Dark Analytics Market Segment Analysis - By End Use Industry

Retail sector is the major market for dark analytics. Many industry experts consider Dark Analytics to be used extensively for the entire length and breadth of the industry in the coming years. In recent years retailers have already begun experimenting different approaches to improve their customer’s digital experiences. Retailers in fashion use detailed questionnaires, trends and permission to access ones social media, analyze them, use it to predict the evolving tastes of consumers and develop a deeper understanding of their style.

Dark Analytics Market Segment Analysis - By Geography

North America will dominate the Dark Analytics Market due to improved technologies to harness dark data. Europe and Asia Pacific will follow suit. Asia Pacific will show significant growth in the market due to the emergence of start-ups and the usage of analytics in enterprises in the region. Latin America and Middle East regions will also show a good growth due the implementation of data driven strategies in the business processes.

Dark Analytics Market Drivers

Rising Amount of Data Generated by Organizations

One of the current trends in the Dark Analytics Market is, it is widely popular and in demand due to the rising storage capacity in terms of Terabyte and Petabyte of Big Data generated by the organizations. It is widely used because it can handle large amount of data and keep scaling to keep up growth and can provide input and output data to analytical tools for analysis. Big Data challenges include storage of data, capturing data and analyzing data.

Growing Usage for Customer Behavior Analysis

Big data is transforming supply chain managers into mind readers allowing them to predict and react to buyer’s behavior in new ways. One of the current trends in the dark analytics Market with focus on supply chain management is the Real time tracking, Supplier sourcing, Customer segmentation by segmenting the buyers and market to offer them most customized product and services. By using dark analytics, the supply chain management firms can make accurate forecasting, improve visibility, decrease reaction time and smart sourcing. These concept can make a firm and market grow which will enable them to generate the revenue and will keep them competent in market. This will drive adoption of dark analytics for Customer analytics in particular.

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Dark Analytics Market Challenges

Concerns Regarding Data Security

The biggest challenge with dark analytics is the sensitive issue of data privacy and security, which most organizations are facing. With the implementation of GDPR regulations, consumer and enterprise data privacy issues have been put to the forefront. Security concerns are cropping up as companies feed more and more consumer and vendor data into advanced, AI-fuelled algorithms to create new bits of sensitive information, unbeknownst to affected consumers and employees. This is especially prevalent in the Healthcare and Food and beverage sectors, where enterprise data could lead to trade secrets being revealed. These data privacy concerns will hinder the adoption of dark analytics solutions.

Dark Analytics Market Landscape

Product launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Dark Analytics Market. IBM Corporation, SAP SE, Amazon Web Services, Micro Focus, Dell EMC, Microsoft Corporation, AvePoint, Inc., Teradata Corporation, Symantec Corporation, Datameer, Inc., Innovative Routines International (IRI), SAS Institute, Commvault and Veritas Technologies are considered to be the key players of the Dark Analytics Market.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches/Partnerships

In February 2021, Google acquired Halli Labs, a four-month-old start-up out of Bengaluru that is developing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Apple has in June, 2020 acquired Lattice Data, a company that employs AI enabled interface to find and convert unstructured data into structured data, for a sum of $200 million.

Key Takeaways

Extraction of valuable insights harnessed from dark data will boost the growth of dark data analytics.

Threats and risks associated with the storage of dark data propels the growth of dark analytics.

The competitive rivalry shown by various organisations enhances the growth of the Dark Analytics Market.

In many organisations, large collections of both structured and unstructured data sit idle. The adoption of dark analytics will propel this usage.

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