Daniel Yomtobian Reveals that Text-Based Banner Ads Now Use a Revolutionary Strategy

The goal for advertising campaigns is to reach the targeted demographic as directly as possible.

Daniel Yomtobian, as founder and CEO of Advertise.com, recently announced a brand new strategy regarding the implementation of text-based banner ads. Named Adable, this new method delivers relevant, text-based ads that really are related to the content of a website. This technology has been redesigned by combining both contextual and behavioral data to achieve more engaging advertisements with a higher relevancy to its viewer. With immediate ad delivery based on the content users are already engaging with, Adable ensures a much greater ROI for advertisers, as well as, a more useful set of ads for the user. From a marketing perspective, the product connects the best on both sides of the marketing spectrum for more specific targeted results.

The goal for advertising campaigns is to reach the targeted demographic as directly as possible. This has redefined the entire Internet marketing industry – with companies like Yomtobian’s Advertise.com leading the way in both innovation and results. Old-fashioned Internet-based advertising primarily focused on the cost-per-impression (CPI). Early on, Yomtobian recognized the problem with traditional CPI payments for banner ads; it inevitably leads to wasted money. In efforts to improve the overall marketing return-on-investment, contextual and relevance-based advertising was introduced. This type of relevance is precisely where Adable can achieve an even better ROI for advertisers. Adable’s contextual advertising product addresses these problems in two important ways. The technology automatically assures that relevant ads are being directly published onto sites that connect with its visitors. Secondly, the platform allows for a seamless integration within a site's current design. This dual focus permits site owners to interweave the Adable technology into their websites without disrupting the user experience. Users are able to enjoy the site they're visiting – while seeing contextually relevant, non-intrusive text-based ads.

Adable's customizable platform offers an impressive range of benefits for advertisers. It allows for a variety of different ad sizes for simple integration with any page layout. Ad unit sizes range from 728x90 to 300x600 in any combination advertisers require. Beyond the dimensions, advertisers can also customize the ad unit with multiple color options for title, text, and arrows to match a site's color scheme. The ads can even seamlessly integrate within mobile-optimized sites, meaning they will reach their targeted audience no matter where they are. Finally, the competitive CPI yields excellent results for advertisers across a breadth of industries. According to Yomtobian, all of these benefits come together to create a better user experience for site visitors. This level of engagement also yields a better result for marketing campaigns.

Daniel Yomtobian originally founded Advertise.com in 2001, and since then the company has grown into the world's largest privately held keyword pay-per-click (PPC) network. Yomtobian is proud of his company's success, "We launched Advertise.com to provide advertisers and publishers a new value proposition -- effective, affordable, and easy-to-use advertising campaigns all under one roof.” From his early start as a web designer and Internet marketer, Daniel Yomtobian has helped thousands of businesses drive targeted visitors to their websites. Today, Daniel is considered a pioneer in the online advertising industry and was recently described by C-Suite Quarterly as a "...young leader [who] will continue to play an important role in shaping the online world of tomorrow".

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