Daniel Yomtobian – On Targeting Consumer Audience with Innovative Contextual Advertising Solutions

Daniel Yomtobian’s patented ClickShield® technology ensures that every ad is monitored at all times to guarantee only the highest quality site visitors.

Daniel Yomtobian, the Founding CEO of Advertise.com has gained a momentum in the digital marketing industry by introducing groundbreaking online advertising methods, both in the national marketplace and internationally. Understanding the significance of smaller businesses being able to afford promotion across all online platforms, Yomtobian developed a new format known as contextual advertising, which targets audiences based on the content that they are already engaged with.

A shift on the view of online marketing has taken place over the last few years. Yomtobian understands that using the process of ‘pay-per-click’ on banner and text ads reduces the costs for smaller businesses, which are trying to keep up with larger companies. It is not just about what is shown in an advertisement, but the value on who is looking at the ad and why. This is how contextual advertising successfully increases engagement within its audience; ads are shown that are contextually relevant to the website’s subject matter. Advertise.com uses the same text ad format as other major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and while it doesn’t replace regular search advertising entirely, it is a huge additional source of advertising to include in an online advertising portfolio.

Advertise.com takes great pride in helping businesses produce powerful, thought-provoking advertisements at a more affordable cost than they would at other larger search engines. Yomtobian ’s patented ClickShield® technology ensures that every ad is monitored at all times to guarantee only the highest quality site visitors. Through a user-friendly interface, advertisers bid on the most popular keywords that the Advertise.com Keyword Marketplace supplies, and offers the contextual advertisement to the appropriate target audience through a range of several products including but not limited to: in-text, content, mobile, toolbar, domain parking, interstitials, email, search, and retargeting.

Founded in 2001 by Daniel Yomtobian, Advertise.com has grown into the world's largest privately held keyword pay-per-click (PPC) network. Today, Daniel is considered a major forerunner in the industry of online marketing, and was recently described by C-Suite Quarterly as a "...young leader [who] will continue to play an important role in shaping the online world of tomorrow." Yomtobian is proud of his company's success, "We launched Advertise.com to provide advertisers and publishers a new value proposition -- effective, affordable, and easy-to-use advertising campaigns all under one roof.” From his early start as a web designer and Internet marketer, Daniel Yomtobian has helped thousands of businesses drive targeted visitors to their websites.

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