Daniel Tan Refutes Matt Cutts’s Claim About Press Releases Not Affecting Page Rank Value

Matt Cutts claims that press release links hold no value, but SEOPressor founder disagrees and sets out to soon show proof to set the record straight with 'leasreepressmm'.

Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam at Google responded to an inquiry about potential benefits for uses links too heavily within press releases. His response to the inquiry was "I wouldn't expect links from press release web sites to benefit your rankings, however.” SEOPressor founder Daniel Tan respond to Matt Cutts statement is that links in press releases are actually very effective in regard to gaining benefit in search engine rankings, and he is out to prove it.

The test will be using the keyword, 'leasreepressmm', which is an anagram for Press Release MM and will be anchored to Matt Cutt’s blog. This testing is focused on allowing the team of experts at SEOPressor to demonstrate how links in press releases actually do provide benefits for search engine rankings. This will give website owners the opportunity to feel assured that they should in fact use some links in press releases. This will provide several functions including publishing relevant news and pursuing higher rankings in the top search engines.

The test of Press Release’s links in affecting SEO ranking will be carried out with MarketersMedia press release wire service. This press release portal provides press releases to more than 30,000 journalists including the New York Times, Associated Press and CBS News.

Businesses rely on MarketersMedia in order to increase their brand exposure, rank more favorably in the search engines and release important information about their products, services and social causes. With this test, it is expected that within a week or so, searching for 'leasreepressmm' would result in Matt Cutts's blog being displayed on search listings. As for now, only time will tell how powerful press release distribution is for page rankings.

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