Dan Behrman Is Going To Transform the Healthcare System in the US When He Becomes President In 2020

Healthcare is a nightmare in the US with people spending a fortune to see a doctor. Dan Behrman has a plan to make healthcare affordable as America's president from 2020

The 2020 US election is around the corner. Voters will be going to the ballot to choose the president for the next four years. What are those issues that are to be considered the most important and which candidate is talking about them?

Dan Behrman is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He has worked with fortune 500 companies and startups in different parts of the world.

Dan, who comes from Los Angeles, California is proposing a unique strategy to make healthcare affordable, effective, and reliable in the United States.

His solution is to allow more highly qualified doctors to practice, make it easier for small research firms to get new medications to market, and allow citizens to purchase foreign drugs both offline and online.

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Dan Behrman has over the years been campaigning about the fraudulent taxation system in the US, which has kept many citizens bound for decades. In this case, Republicans and Democrats are guilty as they have contributed to the problem and even made it more complicated.

Many Americans have been tricked into the idea that government regulations help protect them. Unfortunately, this is not so as many experts have said that the current regulatory system is to enrich big pharmaceuticals and make people pay very high for their health or die.

Dan Behrman's idea is to completely democratize the entire health system by giving the people power to choose how they run their health issues. Doctors are the major players in the health sector. Dan proposes that if more doctors are allowed into the country, people will have multiple options which will reduce health costs.

Another powerful player in the health system is FDA, which has a monopoly of regulating medicine and medications. Dan proposes that if the power given to FDA to regulate all medicine is incrementally removed, it will allow other private regulatory agencies to thrive.

Medical insurance has been a nightmare for many Americans. When Dan becomes president, he promises to ensure all medical expenses including insurance be tax-deductible. He will also make a commitment to reducing regulations that create burdensome administration costs.

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